AP Calculus Summer Institute

Welcome to the 2019 AP Calculus Summer Institute at Francis Marion University! This institute is a graduate level course for secondary mathematics teachers in public high schools in South Carolina who are currently teaching AP Calculus BC without AP endorsement, for those who will be teaching AP Calculus BC for the first time next year, and for those teaching the “lead-in” course to AP Calculus BC, namely algebra trigonometry, or precalculus. Most days will consist of content lectures by Dr. Thomas Fitzkee, and problem-working sessions and graphing calculator demonstrations by Mrs. Vicki Carter.

The major objective of this course is to inform mathematics teachers about the AP Calculus program and to certify that they are qualified to teach such a course. This endorsement involves demonstrations on the part of the participant that he/she has mastered the subject matter involved in AP Calculus BC and is aware of the techniques and technology involved in successfully teaching such a course.


June 5 // Application and Payment Deadline

Apply and pay by visiting the class website.

June 12-14 // Online Preparation

The preparation days will involve online lecture videos, assignments, and collaboration with instructors and fellow teachers covering precalculus and introductory calculus topics. The assignments will be from an etextbook that teachers will access using an institute provided access code.

June 19-28 // AP Calculus BC Institute

The Institute officially begins on June 19 at 1:00 p.m. after lunch 12:00 p.m. at the Cottage or Dining Hall based on enrollment. In the mornings, the master teacher will demonstrate and teach how graphing calculators can be effectively used in pre-calculus and AP Calculus. Graphing calculators will be used to enhance the coverage of many AP Calculus topics, but the calculator will not govern which topics are covered. The topics covered are determined by the AP Calculus BC Syllabus as defined from College Board. During the afternoon sessions the master teacher will discuss how the AP tests are graded, teaching techniques for particular subjects, various teaching aids that are available, and possible ways to sequence courses leading to the AP Calculus course. Each day will begin with a review of the material covered the previous day and will conclude with assignment of homework problems.

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This is an excellent opportunity to better your skills in the realm of academia, and we hope to see you there!