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FMU Admissions Scholarship Application

Scholarship opportunities range from $500 to full-time tuition, room and board. FMU awards academic merit and need based scholarship support each year. Eligible students can be a high school senior, incoming transfer student or returning student for the Fall 2023 term and must be accepted by FMU.

It is highly recommended that high school students maintain a minimum cumulative weighted high school GPA of 3.0 and rank in the top 40% of their graduating class. For transfer or returning students, a 3.0 college GPA is required.

Scholarships are awarded in rounds, with priority deadlines being December 1, February 1, and March 1. Academic scholarships are competitive, with class rank, cumulative weighted GPA, and SAT/ACT test scores strongly considered. Need-based scholarship support is based on federal need as indicated from the FAFSA review.

Students with strong academic profiles will be given preference for need-based scholarship support. Students needing additional funding or seeking an out-of-state waiver are encouraged to apply.

Applications received after March 1 with be awarded on a funds-available basis.

Questions? Contact Evrik gary at 843-661-1236 or email him at

Enter phone number as 123-456-7890.

Some scholarships have specific criteria that must be met before an award can be made.

To assist us in determining your eligibility for these scholarships, please answer the following questions:

Have you been applied and accepted to FMU?
Are either of your parents a graduate of FMU?
Are you a first-generation college student?
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