Organization Information

Benefits to You

  • You will gain a fresh perspective and new ideas
  • Interns are pre-screened and participate voluntarily – internships are not required, so you only get students who WANT to work with you.
  • Creates a new talent stream for future hiring.
  • Interns think “out of the box” because they don’t have many of the preconceptions that can come with years of experience.

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are expected to work a minimum of 5 hours per week.
  • Students complete all required paperwork and documentation.
  • Students are expected to comply with all organizational requirements and policies.

What to Expect as a Supervisor

  • We ask you to be available to interview the student(s).
  • We ask that you provide direction and information that the student will need to complete the assignments.  This includes tools and workspace.
  • We ask that you complete an evaluation on the student at the end of the semester.

What the Program is NOT

  • Because this is a 400-level (senior) class, certain tasks will not qualify (answering phones, data entry, errand-running, stocking supplies).
  • Interns are not available to participate in multilevel marketing programs (MLM’s).
  • Interns are not available to assist with personal tasks.

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