Spring 2020 Deadlines 

IMPORTANT….***ALL student teaching candidates are to check his/her FMU email daily for any updates or requests for additional information.***

SC State Dept of Education Online Teacher Application and Fee Payment:

Complete the online application by June 15.  Nothing is “due” to the School of Education by June 15 for this. Follow the instructions provided under “First Time Applicants.”

The application web page above will have steps for you to send in transcripts and a recommendation form.  Don’t worry about those steps yet. That will be completed at the end of student teaching.

Student Teaching Application:

In order to help pre-qualify a candidate for student teaching, Candidates will submit a student teaching application to Student Teach and a Fingerprinting Receipt to the School of Education Office (CEMC 212). These forms are required for student teaching.

Download Student Teaching Application

GRADUATE STUDENTS DOWNLOAD: Graduate Student Teaching Application

Please submit forms to the School of Education Office (CEMC 212) by 4:30 pm on Friday, September 6, 2019. Once this application has been turned in, the Coordinator of Student Teaching will be in touch with the candidate to schedule an advisory meeting.


Student Teaching Placement Request Form:

IMPORTANT…Placement forms are due NO LATER than 4:30 pm on Friday, September 6, 2019.  Completed forms should be submitted to the School of Education Office (CEMC 212).  Please be sure that your placement form includes all previous placements. (Including your Fall 2019 placement.)

Please select the appropriate placement request form for your major:

ECE Majors

ELE Majors

MLE Majors

Secondary/Art Majors

MAT-LD Majors

Degree Application and Verification Form:

Undergraduate Students ONLY – Undergraduate Students should download and take the Degree Application form (yellow) and the Verification form (pink) to a meeting with Shala Boston in the Registrar’s Office.   After meeting with Ms. Boston, she will sign the Verification Form (pink) and return it to the student.   To schedule a meeting with Ms. Boston, please email her at SBoston@FMARION.EDU.  Let her know in the email that you are wanting to student teach in the Spring of 2020. This should be completed by September 6, 2019.

Graduate Students ONLY – FMU Graduate Students should download and complete the Degree Application Form (green) and the Verification Form (pink). Students are to complete the degree application form, and the top portion of the verification form. Once this step is completed, students should email the documents to Dr. Cindi Nixon, at cnixon@fmarion.edu. This should be completed by September 6, 2019. Dr. Nixon will process these documents and turn them in to appropriate personnel on behalf of the students.


Students are responsible for submitting the first attempt of the appropriate Praxis II & PLT scores (whether passing or failing) with the Student Teaching Application.  Should students not have passing scores turned in with the Student Teaching Application, it the student’s responsibility to submit the appropriate passing Praxis II & PLT scores by Reading Day prior to the semester you plan to Student Teach.

  • Spring 2020 Student Teachers… Your Reading Day deadline to Student Teach in December 3, 2019 by 4:30 pm. This means your Praxis II and PLT scores MUST be submitted to the School of Education by this deadline.

***(It is the student’s responsibility to register for the appropriate Praxis exams required for his/her major.)* ETS is no longer providing Paper Options on PRAXIS II or PLT. It is the student candidate’s responsibility to make sure that ALL  scores will be in by the Reading Day deadline.

*** Remember: You MUST submit an official paper copy (Examinee Copy) of the scores to the School of Education office, and we cannot accept scores verbally.*

· Go to: http://www.ets.org/praxis for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact the School of Education at (843) 661-1470.