Contractual Services

Mission Statement

The FMU Department of Contractual Services supports FMU’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents and visitors by working with contracted vendors to provide services and products that enhance the campus experience.  From books to baked goods, coffee to copies, Contractual Services provides key services in a pleasant, enthusiastic, and timely manner.

For the convenience of the FMU community, a BB&T ATM is located in the Smith University Center adjacent to the Patriot Bookstore.  Please contact or (843) 661-1134 regarding any ATM machine issues.

Contractual Services is responsible for providing the copier fleet for departmental and student use across campus.  These devices combine copy, print, and scanning into a single device. The current copier fleet consists of Savin copiers provided by Herald Office Systems.

Reporting Service Problems:

  • Please use the sticker on the front of your machine titled “Savin” with the “Herald” logo to find the identification code for your copier (it will include an “H” followed by 5 digits).
  • Please email and with the machine number and the issue (the machine number is required).  If a copier is down during a critical time, please also
  • Please contact or call (843) 661-1134 if you feel that your support issues are not being handled in a timely fashion by Herald or if there is a copier emergency.
  • For any machine that cannot be repaired in 72 business hours, Herald must provide a loaner machine.

Ordering Toner and Staples:

  • Please use the sticker on the front of your machine titled “Savin” with the “Herald” logo to find the identification code for your copier (it will include an “H” followed by 5 digits).
  • Please call Herald Office Systems at (866) 220-2414 with your machine identification code to order toner and staples (if your machine is equipped for staples).
  • Herald will deliver the toner and staples to campus the next day.
  • Herald Office Systems advised that when a machine states “Low Toner”, it can still run numerous copies and to fully utilize toner, it is best to order the toner when prompted by the machine (low toner prompt) and then use the copier until the toner is expended.

Ordering Paper:

  • Copier paper is included in the per copy charge for copies.  Please complete a Work Order Request to request copier paper delivery to your department by visiting and clicking “Work Request Form” or by emailing the work order center at  Please include your department name, building and room number, and number of cases of paper needed.

Beverage and snack vending machines are located throughout campus with refund information posted at each location.  For vending questions, please email or contact the Contractual Services Office at (843) 661-1134.

To report a vending machine problem, please email with a description of the issue.  Please include the two-digit machine number located on a white sticker on the front of the machine.

To obtain a refund for a vending machine error:

If you paid in cash:  Please pick up a refund at the Cashier’s Office in Stokes Administration Building, the Patriot Bookstore in the University Center, or the Housing Office.   You will be asked to complete a brief refund request form.  You must include the machine number and a description of the problem.  The two-digit machine number is located on a white sticker on the front of the machine.

If you paid by credit card or Apple Pay:

Please check your card transactions – it is likely that your account will be automatically refunded.  Please email if your card is not refunded instead of going to the refund locations noted above.