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Housing and Dining Refund Policy

The Housing and Dining Refund Policy is separate and apart from the Academic Refund Policy and follows different procedures than the Academic Refund Policy due to the unique business of providing food and housing services to students.

Students who withdraw from on-campus housing during the period between the authorized move-in date through 14 calendar days into the fall and spring semesters will receive a 90% refund of the housing fee, less the $173 Housing application/reservation fee. The 90% refund period begins on the authorized move-in date and continues through 14 calendar days into the fall and spring semester. During this period, students with a mandatory meal plan that withdraw from the residence halls or move from the residence halls to the apartments will receive a 90% refund of the meal plan assessment. All other students who wish to change or withdraw from a voluntary meal plan during this period may request a refund by completing and submitting the Dining Services Refund Request form (available at the Ervin Dining Hall). This policy does not apply to any declining balance accounts.

After the 90% refund period, there is no guaranteed refund of housing and meal plan fees. However, appeals will be considered for situations such as marriage, activation for military service, or uniquely extenuating circumstances that occur during the term of the contract. Appeals must be made within the academic semester that the appeal is based upon and should be submitted as soon as possible after the change of status occurs.

All appeals require completion of the Housing and/or Dining Refunds – Appeal Form which must be submitted to the Director of Housing and/or the Director of Dining Services who will forward the request to the Housing and Dining Refund Committee. Students will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision. The Housing application/reservation fee of $173 will be deducted from all refunds with the exception of academic dismissal and military activation. The decision of the Housing and Dining Refund Committee is final.

FMU Patriot Card Holder Agreement

The Patriot Card: The Patriot Card is your official University ID card, your meal plan card (if enrolled in a meal plan at the University), and your debit card (if you deposit funds onto the card to purchase items from the FMU Bookstore, The Grille, or the Ervin Dining Hall). The card is non-transferable and must be returned upon request of the University. Because misuse of cards may have a negative impact on both students and the institution in general, students are expected to protect their card and abide by all terms and conditions associated with the use of the Patriot Card. The Patriot Card and its accounts, all forms, and records of its use are property of the University. Use of the Patriot Card may be revoked at any time.

Use of the Patriot Card as a Debit Card:

Card Accounts:

  1. A Patriot Card Account is a record of pre-deposited funds accessed by the cardholder for the purpose of purchasing products and services.
  2. There is no daily limit to the number of transactions that can be made; however, no debits shall exceed the amount deposited into the account.
  3. The University will not pay interest on balances in a card account.
  4. The card holder understands that the account is non-transferable.
  5. The account will be activated upon receipt by the University of an initial deposit.
    Note: Dependent of the manner in which funds are deposited onto the card balances may not be available immediately following the deposit of funds. See the deposit procedures below for more details.
  6. The card holder is responsible for monitoring his or her own account balances.

Deposits may be made as follows:

  1. Through the University’s on-line accounting payment system.
    Note: Deposits may be made with a tuition bill during the fee payment process, or at any time during the year with a debit or credit card. The deposited funds to the Patriot Card may not be available instantly after the transaction. Automated transactions generally take several hours to process and may not be available within the first 6 hours after deposit.
  2. In person in the Dining Service Office located in the Ervin Dining Hall.
    Note: Balances are available instantly.
  3. In person at the Cashiers Office.
    Note: The deposited funds to the Patriot Card may not be available instantly after the transaction. Automated transactions generally take several hours to process and may not be available within the first 6 hours after deposit.

Fees: There are no fees associated with transactions using the Patriot Card. A check that is presented for deposit onto an account which is returned by the bank as uncollectible, will be assessed a fee of $30 per check.

Returns of Merchandise: Merchandise may be accepted for return in accordance with the refund policy in effect at the place of purchase of the products or services. Any refunds shall be credited to the Patriot Card account. Note: FMU can not guarantee instant crediting back to the Patriot Card account; however, most refunds are processed and credits are available generally within 6 hours of a return. No cash refunds will be made for any purchase made with the Patriot Card.

Refund of Balances: Patriot Bucks are only returned with request upon graduation.

Lost or Stolen Cards: Lost or stolen Patriot Cards should be reported immediately to the Office of Dining Services in the Ervin Dining Hall. A $20 card replacement fee will be charged to the student’s FMU account at the time a replacement card is issued. It is the student’s responsibility to pay to the Cashiers Office promptly upon receipt of the replacement card. FMU is not responsible for any account balances or transactions that occur as a result of lost or stolen cards. It is the card holder’s responsibility to promptly notify the Card Administrator of lost or stolen cards.

Changes in Terms and Conditions: Cardholder’s use of the Patriot Card provides consent to all terms and conditions. Francis Marion University may change any and all terms and conditions without sending a written notice to the participant. Changes will be posted to the University’s Website in the University’s Fees and Expenses section at least 30 days prior to the effective date of change. Participant’s use of their Patriot Card on or after the effective date of the change provides consent to all amended terms and conditions. It is the card holder’s responsibility to stay informed of any and all changes made to the terms and conditions.

Effective date of this Agreement: This card holder agreement is effective for all active cards in use on or after January 1, 2011.

Original/Amended Agreement Effective Date: January 1, 2011.

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