Student Employment

This page serves as your one-stop destination for all things related to student employment, including essential forms and detailed information about the Federal Work-Study program.

Whether you’re a new student looking to secure your first on-campus job or a returning student seeking guidance, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to provide comprehensive resources to empower you in your journey towards meaningful work experiences while studying at FMU.

Federal Work Study (FWS)


Federal Work-Study is a program designed to expand part-time employment opportunities for students, particularly those from low-income families, who are in need of earnings in order to pursue a course of study. The awards are not grants but maximum amounts you may earn while working for Francis Marion University. Your FWS award may not be used as credit or to pay for any obligation to the University.
The number of FWS jobs is limited. To be hired as a FWS student employee, you should:

1. Look at job descriptions posted on Handshake online.  This is the link Handshake  Each job description will have basic information about the position and the name of a contact person. There are a large number of positions available at the beginning of the fall semester. The website is updated with new job postings throughout the school year.

2. Contact the appropriate person for each position in which you are interested.

3. When you are hired, come to the Financial Assistance Office to complete forms for authorization to work. If you have never worked on campus before, you must bring two things with you:

   a. your original Social Security Card or Original Birth certificate

   b. Driver’s License or Passport

It is important to note that your FWS award represents a maximum amount of money you may earn if you find a FWS job. There is no guarantee that you will earn the full amount of the award. When searching for a FWS position, ask the potential employer how much of your FWS you will be able to earn by working in that position.

*You don’t have to be FWS eligible to work on campus.*

Career Center

The Career Center plays an integral role in the blending of the academic, personal, and professional development of our students, while providing a link for students to the world of work.

For more information about student employment visit the Career Center's page.