FMU Cost of Attendance (COA)

Below are tables that show the 2023-24 estimated average cost breakdown for various student populations at Francis Marion University. Please note that some expenses can vary depending on the student’s choices (refer to the “Direct vs. Indirect Costs” section). These figures should only be used to estimate the cost of attending FMU for the 2023-24 academic year.

Estimated 2023-24 Costs



The Net Price Calculator can be used to estimate cost of attendance using data from previous years minus estimated grant and scholarship aid. To begin, click the button above.

To view a breakdown of what is included in “University Fees and Charges” and “Food and Housing” click the button above.

Direct vs. Indirect costs

Direct costs include “University Fees and Charges” and may include “Food and Housing” if the student lives on campus and/or purchases a meal plan. These costs will be added to the students FMU Student Statement on the “Account Summary” section of the Patriot Portal.

Indirect costs include the other expenses listed which will not be added to the FMU Student Statement. Therefore, these estimated costs are associated with attending college and should be considered when planning to enroll at FMU. Depending on the students lifestyle and spending habits, these amounts can vary from student to student.