If you are a graduate student or a parent and your student needs additional funds to cover the cost of tuition, housing (if applicable), and miscellaneous expenses then you may want to consider applying for a Graduate/Parent PLUS loan.

Step 1: Complete the online PLUS application:

  1. The GRADUATE student or PARENT of an undergraduate student signs in with their FSA User ID and password.
  2. Select the correct academic year.
  3. Complete the application
  4. When the application is complete you will be notified instantly of the results. It’s recommended that you keep a copy of the results for your records. FMU will be notified electronically.

Step 2: If PLUS is APPROVED and parent wants to continue with the PLUS process:

Step 3: If PLUS is DENIED …

Once your financial assistance file is complete, the student will automatically be awarded additional unsubsidized direct loan funds in their name. Typically, the additional loan funds amounts are as follows:

Freshman or Sophomore                $4000 year – $2000 per semester
Junior or Senior                              $5000 year – $2500 per semester

Please note, this does not apply to Graduate borrowers.

Step 4: How to determine when your PLUS or additional loan funds are on your FMU account:

Go to FMU’s Patriot Portal and select ‘Financial Aid’.  Note:  If this is your first time going to the Patriot Portal, set up the Portal for the first time.