To review the Federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy use the link below:

SAP Policy and Procedures


To view instructions for locating your SAP Status with screenshots, click the link below:

Locating my SAP Status


What does my SAP status mean?

Eligible means you are meeting SAP standards and are eligible to apply for Federal aid. To apply for Federal aid, complete the “Checklist” on the “Financial Aid” Home page of your Patriot Portal.

Ineligible means you are below the 67% completion rate of attempted hours, minimum GPA during sophomore year, or maximum timeframe required for SAP. You are ineligible for Federal and State aid. You may review the SAP Policy for more details on these requirements.


If your SAP is ineligible:

Eligibility for financial assistance may be reinstated if you:

  • Improve your SAP percentage of hours completed to at least 67% by completing:
    • Courses with personal funds or an alternative loan.
    • All courses you enroll in without withdrawing or receiving an ‘F’
    • Coursework at another institution that will transfer to FMU
  • Had unforeseeable unusual circumstances that prevented you from academic success, a petition is available to appeal for reinstatement of aid.
    • This petition must be complete, include documentation of the unforeseeable unusual circumstances.
    • Read the petition form (linked below) thoroughly before completing and turning into the Financial Assistance office. The petition will be reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee and can take up to 2 weeks.
    • You will need to monitor your Patriot Portal in case the committee requests additional information, which will be located under the “Complete required documents” section of the Checklist on the Financial Aid Home page.
    • Your petition decision will be sent to you via email once the committee has received and reviewed all the information needed.
    • 2024-25 Petition