Francis Marion University Development Foundation

The Francis Marion University Development Foundation is devoted to the support of the University as well as the expansion, development and maintenance of Francis Marion’s University Housing Operations.  The foundation was established to provide a means of providing a self-supporting housing operations through it FMU Housing LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Foundation.  This coupled with a long term lease of housing facilities from FMU, allow the Development Foundation to manage all housing auxiliary operations and facilities on behalf of the University.  This partnership has allowed FMU to expand its housing operations by the addition of the Forrest Villas in 2004 and 2006.  The University works collaboratively with the Foundation, the Housing LLC, and the Foundation’s board to ensure that operation of Housing meets the standards of the University and the Foundation stays aligned with operational and development plans of the University.

The Board and Executive Director

The Francis Marion University Development Foundation is comprised of a five member Board of Directors that oversee the operations of the Development Foundation and FMU Housing LLC which is managed by the Executive Director of the Foundation.  This board is comprised of four members appointed by various affiliates of the University which then elect a fifth member to serve as Chairman of the Board.  The four appointed members are as follows:  Francis Marion University’s President or their appointee, The FMU Board of Trustees Chairman or their appointee, The FMU Education Foundation Chairman or their appointee, and the FMU Alumni Association Chairman or their appointee.  Our current list of Board Members and the Executive Director are as follows:

Members                                                                Designated by                                           Term Expiration

John J. Kispert, Board Chairman                                                                                           06/2023

James Harrell, Vice-Chairman                    FMU Alumni Association                   06/2023

Darryl Bridges, Treasurer                              FMU President                                         06/2023

Paul Seward, Secretary                                   FMU Education Foundation             06/2023

Ken Jackson, Board Member                       FMU Board of Trustees                       06/2023

Haieasha Singletary, Executive Director