Apartment Assignment Requirements

Priority order will be given to graduate students, seniors, juniors, and sophomores. Residents must be enrolled as full-time students at Francis Marion University (except during breaks between the Spring and Fall semesters or during their last semester prior to graduation).


The Housing complex is designed to accommodate full-time undergraduate students (12 hours or more) and graduate students with at least six hours. Part-time undergraduate students and graduate students with less than six hours may receive assignments on a space availability basis.

Room Assignment Change

If you desire to change your room assignment, you must make a Room Assignment Change Request in the Housing and Residence Life Office. Any change of room assignment must be approved prior to a move taking place. Failure to obtain proper approval prior to moving will result in disciplinary action being taken and moving back to the original assignment.

Students will be eligible to begin the room change process on the first business day, two weeks after the start of move-in each semester.

The university may change a student’s room assignment if, in the determination of the university, the change is in the best interest of the student, the university, or the campus community. Instructions to change rooms at the completion of a semester are provided during the room sign up periods advertised through the Housing Office.

Contract and Term Periods

The Housing Contract is a written agreement between a student and FMU concerning accommodations, services, and responsibilities. Terms and conditions are specifically listed in the contract. Failure to abide by the contract could result in its immediate termination. Copies are available in the Housing and Residence Life Office.

The term periods of the Housing contract are: Fall, Spring, Late Spring, Summer I, and/or Summer II. The contract extends from the first day of the term until the last day of the term. Campus facilities will be closed from the last day of exams in December until the day before registration for the Spring semester. During the recess, the university secures the locks where occupancy has not been approved.

Upon acceptance of an on-campus assignment, students complete the Housing contract in agreement to abide by policies as stated by the university. Applicants under the age of 18 must have their contracts signed by a parent or guardian.

Clearance to remain in apartments and residence halls between terms and during official recesses must be obtained in advance from the director of Housing and Residence Life. Generally, athletes participating in activities while the university is closed will be granted approval.


Housing fees must be paid in full prior to moving on campus. Payment deadlines are published in the university calendar. Check-in procedures are:

  1. Report to the Housing and Residence Life Office to register, complete relevant forms, and receive keys.
  2. Review, complete, and return Room/Apartment Condition Report to the Housing and Residence Life Office within 24 hours after arrival.

The Room/Apartment Condition Report used at the time of check-in will be compared to the check-out forms to determine if any charges are to be assessed to you at the end of the semester or upon withdrawal from housing. Do not fail to return the forms as they are the only records to be used in determining damages above normal wear and tear. Your RA is available to help you with the form.


Each resident is responsible for cleaning and clearing his/her room. Communal areas must be cleaned jointly by occupants. It is advised that roommates communicate to determine each person’s responsibility prior to departure so that any cleaning and/or repair charges, if applicable, may be properly assessed. Residents should arrange to take care of any personal debts with roommates. Notify the Director of Housing and Residence Life, in writing, if you withdraw before the end of the semester.

  1. Thoroughly clean and clear individual rooms and your share of communal area.
  2. Return keys and other FMU equipment to the Housing and Residence Life Office upon your departure.
  3. You must check out with a housing staff member before departing campus.
  4. Your room will be inspected when you turn in your keys but please be aware that this is not the final inspection. The Assistant Directors will do the final walkthrough after everyone has departed campus and before billing is done.
  5. All written cleaning agreements are due at the time that the room is inspected. The agreement must be signed by all residents assigned to that apartment or residence hall.