Housing - Resident Assistant (RA) Application

FMU students with (preferably) a 2.0 cumulative GPA, no previous (formal/written) student conduct records, and (preferably) at least 1 semester living in student housing at FMU may use this form to apply for a Resident Assistant (RA) position.

The Resident Assistant holds a position of leadership and trust on the FMU campus. Interested candidates must be prepared to make this position their priority, second only to their individual academic obligations (i.e., course work).


The #1 expectation for every RA is AVAILABILITY. Consequently, RAs must plan their schedules so as to be available for job-related tasks throughout each semester. Each RA will receive assigned "duty" shifts in which they serve as the designated RA On-Call for that shift.


As compensation for their service, RAs receive COMPLIMENTARY on-campus housing. Additionally, RAs receive $500 per semester (paid in seven bi-weekly payments). RAs also receive $500 in Patriot Bucks to be used at any of FMU's Dining Service locations.

Other Information

For more information regarding RA duties, expectations, or compensation, please visit the FMU Housing Office.

FMU Housing accepts applications throughout the year; however, the formal application period takes place during the fall semester. Applicants who apply in the fall semester will participate in the Selection Process during the spring semester.

Please complete all required fields. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

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Maximum upload size: 314.57MB