Incoming Exchange Program

We are excited to welcome you to Francis Marion University as a visiting international student from one of our exchange partners. Please read the information below, which describes the admissions process for incoming international exchange students.


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How to Apply


Before applying to FMU as an exchange student, you must be nominated by the international programs office of your home university. Please note that incoming exchange students are only admitted for visiting study, for either a semester or an academic year. If you are an international student that is interested in applying to FMU as a full-time, degree-seeking student, please contact Melissa Dungan at


Once you have been nominated to study at FMU as an exchange student, you will be contacted by the International Programs office and asked to begin the formal application process.

Our International Student Guide is updated annually and provides a great place to begin learning about FMU, while you apply.

In order to process your admission to the University as a visiting exchange student, the following forms/documents are required. Returning these documents as soon as possible will ensure that you are activated in our registration system, set up for housing, and can complete the visa application process in a timely fashion. Please pay attention to the detailed instructions below and contact the International Programs office with any questions, using the information at the bottom of the page.


  1. Undergraduate Application for Admission
    • Please fill out the online application form (Disregard application fee/SAT scores).
  2. Undergraduate Housing Application
    • Please complete the linked housing questionnaire and return via email as a scanned PDF.
    • Please select ‘yes’ for the question about honors housing; please also reference ‘Forest Villas – International Student’ in the request line at the end of the form.
  3. Certificate of Financial Support
    • Please complete both pages of the linked worksheet and certificate, using the minimum figures cited in Part A.
    • Please return a PDF scan of this document, along with any supporting financial statements via email and a hard copy to the post address below. Your hard copy must be a signed original document.
  4. Transcripts
    • Please submit a PDF of your most current university-level transcripts via email.
  5. Language Certification
    • Please submit proof of your proficiency in the English language, as a PDF, via email.
    • Certification may be supported by scores on the TOEFL, ELS, IELTS, or DAAD exams; University of Koblenz-Landau students may be certified via a statement from their international programs officer.
  6. Passport
    • Please submit a color copy of your passport photo page, as a PDF, via email.
  7. Personal health insurance
    • Please submit proof that your personal health insurance will be valid during your time in the USA as a PDF, via email.
    • You must be covered up to at least $100,000 and should have insurance to cover possible evacuation of repatriation of remains.
  8. Immunization Record and TB Assessment Form
    • Please have a medical professional complete the linked forms and return via email as a PDF.



Once your admissions packet has been received, you will receive a formal letter, directly from our Admissions Office, admitting you for study at FMU. At this point, you are ready to register for classes and to apply for a visa that will allow you to study in the United States.


Once you have been admitted to FMU, registered for classes, and received your visa, the International Programs office will coordinate your arrival to campus. Please be on the lookout for important information in the email that you indicated in your application!


While international exchange students are admitted on a rolling basis, please try to respect the following guidelines:

  • Fall exchange students should be nominated and complete all application materials (A, B, C, D, E, and F) between February and April. Justification of personal insurance (G) and Immunization Records (H) must be received no later than arrival at FMU.
  • Spring exchange students should be nominated and complete all application materials (A, B, C, D, E, and F) between September and November. Justification of personal insurance (G) and Immunization Records (H) must be received no later than arrival at FMU.

Contact Information

Please submit all application materials to the email and/or postal address below, as outlined in Step 2.

Francis Marion University – International Programs
c/o Melissa Dungan
PO Box 100547
Florence, SC 29502 USA