Travel Studies

Faculty Resources

Meet with IP to discuss Exchange Partner or locations of projected Travel Study

  • Set up meeting 6 months/semester before trip
  • Review Resources

Establish Calendar and Draft Itinerary

  • Establish budget project numbers (See funding sources below)
  • Select semester and dates for travel
  • Project daily draft itinerary
  • Set deadlines for all travel activities
    1. Application for funding
    2. Application and interviews for students
    3. Application of passports/travel docs/visas
    4. Student payments for travel
    5. Submission of release forms and travel docs to IP 
    6. Work with IP to maintain communications w/Partners
  • Set student meeting dates to manage collection of resources and submission of docs.
  • Request IP to present Travel Briefing segment on conduct.
  • From IP via email, receive, read, and agree to FM International Crisis Management Protocols.

International Crisis Management Protocols

To address the possibilities of crises while traveling abroad, please read the document linked below and email Dr. Blackwell and Ms. Dungan confirmation that you have read, understood, and will implement the protocols based on:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Principles
  • Defining a Crisis or Emergency
  • FM-ICMP Permanent Team Members and Points of Contact (Dr. J. Mark Blackwell will be your first point of contact as the Provost’s designee)
  • Planning Travel Abroad
  • Appendices
  • Incident Report Form

Implement Calendar and Finalize Itinerary

  • Finalize itinerary with IP and confirm with Exchange Partner
  • Schedule and purchase ground and air transportation and admissions services
  • Take care of loose ends

Funding Sources: Establishing a Budget

  • Professional Development Committee funding
    • Contact Financial Services, Director of Financial Planning Shara L. Moore at
  • REAL and PEAK Committee funding
    • Contact Financial Services, FMU Foundation and Associate Director of Financial Planning Haieasha Singletary at

Contact us

Photo of Mark Blackwell

Dr. J. Mark Blackwell

Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Director of International Programs

Office: HC 107

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Melissa E. Dungan

Assistant Coordinator for International Programs, Honors and McNair

Office: HC 103
Phone: 843-661-1647