Engineering Technology

The B.S. degree in Engineering Technology has two tracks – Civil or Electronic. This is a cooperative program offered jointly by Francis Marion University and Florence Darlington Technical College. Therefore, students who wish to participate in the program should promptly notify the Office of Academic Advising at Francis Marion University upon making the decision to pursue an Engineering Technology degree so that an appropriate adviser (Civil or Electronic) can be assigned to them. Substantial course work is required at both institutions, and a careful coordination of scheduling between the two schools is necessary to insure the successful completion of either program.


Career Opportunities for Engineering Technology Graduates

The Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology (Civil or Electronic track) will prepare students for intermediate level administrative or supervisory positions in areas such as manufacturing and production, sales and distribution, maintenance and service, and industrial training. Graduates of the Civil track are prepared to work in the construction field in the areas of planning, surveying and overseeing construction and in maintenance of structures and facilities. Electronic track graduates are prepared to apply electronic principles and theories to layout, build, test, trouble shoot, repair and modify electronic equipment.

Suggested schedule of classes by year at each school:

Freshman Year: All work at Francis Marion University (some summer school work may be necessary for those students who do not take English 112 and Math 111 in their first semester).

Sophomore Year: All courses taken at Florence-Darlington Technical College except Mathematics 201-202 and Physics 201-202 at Francis Marion University, plus Accounting 201-202 if desired.

Junior Year: All courses taken at Florence-Darlington Technical College.

Senior Year: All courses taken at Francis Marion University.


All students must complete 51 hours of general education studies at FMU, including courses in English, mathematics, social studies, and the humanities. Additional courses at FMU include:

Chemistry 101 and 202
Physics 200, 201, 202, and 220
Physics 310 (Civil track)
Physics 314 (Electronic track)
Mathematics 201, 202 and 212

In addition to the major requirements, the department also requires a minor chosen from the physical sciences or business administration. A minor in the physical sciences requires Math 203 and an additional eight semester hours from the following: Chemistry 201, 202, 203, 301, or any 300 level Physics course. Requirements for a minor in business can be found in the undergraduate catalog.

Sample Curriculum

The major concentration in Civil or Electronic is completed at Florence Darlington Technical College. The current requirements for these majors are listed below:

For either the Civil or Electronic track you will need to complete the following

EGR 181 Integrated Technology I
EGR 182 Integrated Technology II
EGR 183 Integrated Technology III

For those in the Civil track you will need the following

EGR 194 Statics and Strengths of Materials
EGT 101 Basic Technical Drawing
EGT 105 Basic Civil Drawing
EGT 151 Introduction to CAD
CET 105 Surveying I
CET 125 Fundamentals of Building Construction
CET 135 Construction Contracts
CET 205 Surveying II
CET 216 Soil Mechanics
CET 218 Hydraulics
CET 235 Construction Methods and Estimating
CET 246 Environmental Systems Technology
CET 250 Transportation Engineering Technology
CET 255 CET Senior Project

For those in the Electronic track you will need the following

EET 113 Electrical Circuits I
EET 114 Electrical Circuits II
EET 131 Active Devices
EET 145 Digital Circuits
EET 218 Electrical Power Systems
EET 220 Analog Integrated Circuits
EET 231 Industrial Electronics
EET 235 Construction Methods and Estimating
EET 243 Data Communications
EET 251 Microprocessor Fundamentals
EET 273 Electronics Senior Project