June 29, 2021

Real classes, taught by real professors at FMU

Real classes, taught by real professors at FMU

Ninety percent of the faculty at Francis Marion University own the top degree in their field.

That’s impressive, but this is even more so: almost 100 percent of our classes are taught by those same, full-time faculty members.

“Of course,” you might say. Who else would teach a class?

The answer may surprise you. At many colleges, a lot of the teaching is handled by graduate students or teaching assistants. This is especially true in courses aimed at underclassmen — the very newest students on campus, who could use some great teaching so they can get off on the right foot.

That doesn’t make sense to you? It doesn’t to us either.

That’s why you’ll struggle to find classes taught by graduate assistants or teaching assistants at FMU.

We’d rather have a member of our distinguished, full-time faculty do that.

And so, that’s what we do.

Now that is impressive.