REAL Faculty Advisor Survey
The purpose of this survey is to provide descriptive information and assessment data. Please complete this survey during the semester in which the nontraditional learning activity occurred.
Check each of the following that apply to the activity you supervised.
1. Procedures (Check all that apply)
Internships Only (Check all that apply)
2. Instruments used to evaluate outcomes (Check all that apply)
Internships Only (Check all that apply)
The survey items below are designed to solicit your feedback regarding the participation of the student(s) under your supervision in the nontraditional learning activity identified above. For questions 1-7, select the responses that most closely reflect assessment data you captured. Please elaborate on your responses in the comment space next to each item.
1. Throughout the activity, the student(s) engaged in structured opportunities for meaningful reflection on the significance and implications of their experiences.
2. The student(s) applied traditionally acquired knowledge and/or ideas in practical, real world contexts.
3. The student(s) discovered additional knowledge and/or insights.
4. The student(s) gained enhanced knowledge specific to the subject matter of a discipline or course.
5. The student(s) demonstrated awareness of their own value systems through interactions with persons whose values and/or culture differed from their own.