The State Department of Education sets the deadlines for State Clearance for Student Teaching (Step 1 below). Students who do not complete step 1 by the deadlines listed below will be required to complete the application(s) to student teach in the Fall semester.

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Information on applying for certification through the Certification Application Technology System (CATS) Portal is available on the SCDE website.  Candidates applying for clearance to enter student teaching in the fall semester must have all required documentation on file with the SCDE (South Carolina Department of Education) no later than June 15 of the previous calendar year. For example, a candidate entering clinical practice (student teaching) in January 2020 must have all documentation on file with the State Department of Education no later than June 15, 2019. Required documentation includes the application, fee, and background reports.

The School of Education will submit the required official transcript and recommendation for certification at the end of the student teaching semester. (Please note, this can’t be completed until the transcript reflects completion of degree)

Step 2:  THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION APPLICATION TO STUDENT TEACH – DUE the first Friday in September by 4:30pm. Program Sheet to complete for student teaching clearance.

Undergraduate  – Students can begin turning this in to the School of Education Office during the first week of the Fall semester.

Optional Forms (Undergraduate) – to be completed in addition to required forms above.

Graduate – Students will email the completed application and required documents to the Director of Graduate Studies.


Step 3: Praxis Scores – Undergraduate students need to refer to The School of Education Application to Student Teach for instructions. Graduate students, contact the Director of Student Teaching for guidance.

Students are responsible for submitting all the appropriate passing Praxis scores by Reading Day prior to the semester you plan to Student Teach. Remember: Students are required to submit an official paper copy (Examinee Copy) of the scores to the School of Education office, scores reported verbally will not be accepted.

Application for Graduation (Undergraduate)

Apply online or in the Registrar’s Office prior to the  deadline: To graduate in December, apply by March 8.