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After years of planning and hard work, the university has arrived at a good place, but a different place from where it was 25 years ago.

Great teaching is not a bad thing for which to be known, but there was always more at FMU.

I mean, I work my (tail) off to do the very best I can for my students, for the university, in all the stuff I do.

The research and scholarship bug bit Kaufman at an early age, perhaps leaping over from his father Burton, a history professor at the University of Miami (Ohio) and a few other places.

Kyer, who is also the recipient of FMU’s J. Lorin Mason Distinguished Professor Award, says earning Trustees’ Research Scholar status validated his career choice and made him feel part of a great company of scholars.

De Montluzin appreciated the recognition and the monetary award that accompanied it, but her favorite aspect of the award was the time it afforded for research.

If he ever needs any confirmation of that, he can just pick up his plaque and take a look.

FMU is launching two new doctoral programs in the next year, a further sign of the university’s burgeoning academic prowess.

FMU’s Psychology program has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the region and state, with the Specialist in School Psychology program ranking fourth in the nation.

“To have started my career in this community, and to be circled back at another level … I am thrilled to be able to share my passion for occupational therapy through helping educate students who will graduate and make a difference in our community.”

Cat wrangling was not in the job description, not for a college president nor a first lady. The Carters took it on anyway.

“…I decided to go in the direction I felt my heart was leading me. And that was coaching.”

Traveling wasn’t just an educational experience. It helped shape my growth into the person I am today and the person I want to be for the rest of my life.

The latest addition to Francis Marion University’s athletic program is officially off the ground.
Both literally and figuratively.
Acrobatics and tumbling became the 15th varsity sport this fall.

A knock on the current generation is that they just won’t get involved in politics.
Don’t count FMU’s Garrett Swanson in that crowd.

Most college athletes try to stay out of the way of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the governing board for athletics at most American colleges. Cullen Dore, a cross country runner at Francis Marion University, decided it was better to run right at it.

FMU’s Evening College brings learning and unique course offerings to the community.

A look at recent events across campus and in the FMU community.

FMU’s campus continues to buzz with sound construction and progress as additions and improvements are put in place.

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