A major goal of the Department of Biology is to teach students how to be an actual biologist

The Department of Biology places a high value on the laboratory and field experience in the education of all students. Students who meet the requirements are encouraged to participate in an individual research project under the direct supervision of a member of the biology faculty. There are many opportunities available, from independent projects to internships, for students to learn how to do biology, not just learn about biology. Please scroll down to find information about these opportunities, our facilities, the various internships available, and the Science Symposium seminar series.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

We offer many opportunities for students to pursue research in various areas of biology under the direction of a faculty member. This practical approach enhances the academic experience and strengthens a student’s critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills. The BIOL 497: Special Studies course allows a student to earn credit while doing an independent research project.

Research Interests of our Faculty

The Department of Biology has 19 full time faculty members that represent the breadth of biology disciplines. While not required, students often prefer to work with faculty who share similar research interests.

Pre-Professional Internship Opportunities for Students

Experiential learning can occasionally extend beyond traditional research projects within the confines of FMU. We also provide opportunities for Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, and Pre-Veterinary students to participate in an internship in a clinical setting and earn credit.

Science Symposium Seminar Series

An active part of a research program is the sharing of ideas and knowledge. The Science Symposium seminar series exposes the FMU students and faculty to primary research by hosting speakers from all of the natural science disciplines.