FMU’s Department of Biology offers an array degree options

Are you interested in understanding and protecting our natural resources? Do you want to be a research scientist, seeking to understand the structure and function of life? Are you pursuing a career in healthcare? Then a degree in biology at Francis Marion University will help you realize your goals. We have the core Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees. And several other options and programs that build on these core frameworks and prepare you to help get you to the next step. Please scroll down until you find the degree option that suits you best.

The Core Degrees with a Biology Major

For those people interested in a traditional biology degree we offer the core Bachelor degrees with a biology major. This curriculum offers the diversity and flexibility to meet the needs of many students. Students who earn this degree go on to land jobs at agencies like DHEC, OSHA, and DNR, middle and high schools, and businesses all over the world. Some have gone on to pursue graduate school and earn a Masters or Doctoral degree. We also offer both a minor and a collateral in Biology.

The Pre-Nursing Major

Students that plan to apply to the FMU Nursing Program to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) often spend their first two years completing the required pre-nursing coursework. Once a student completes the pre-requisites, they must apply for admission to the Nursing Program. Admission is competitive.

The Pre-Health Programs

The most popular careers for people graduating with a biology degree are in healthcare. The Pre-Health Program tailors the standard B.S. degree with a biology major to meet the course requirements needed for a person to apply to professional programs in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, and other allied health professions.

The Biology Degree with a Medical Technology Option

Medical technologists perform clinical laboratory procedures helpful to pathologists and physicians in the diagnosing the nature, course and treatment of disease. The Medical Technology Option can be done as a 3+1 or a 4+1 format. The 3+1  plan is a Cooperative Program with McLeod Regional Medical Center.

The Biology Degree with a Environmental Science Option

This option is for students interested in careers in the environment, conservation, wildlife, forestry, fisheries and related fields. Requirements are similar to the core biology major, but there is more of a focus on discipline specific courses such as ecology, conservation biology, GIS, and others. We also offer a minor and a collateral in Environmental Studies.

The Pre-Veterinary Program

Students interested in going on to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree will complete the same curriculum as a Biology major earning a bachelor of science degree with a minor in Chemistry.

The Biology Degree with a Secondary Education Option

With a national shortage of science teachers, students completing this program are in a strong position to obtain a full time teaching job immediately after graduation. Students interested in teaching biology at the Middle School and High School levels will get extensive training in both biology and education courses.