The Biology Department offers a B.S. degree with either a 3+1 or 4+1 Medical Technology Option.

Bachelor of Science in Biology-Medical Technology (3+1) Option
First 3 years (90 hours) at FMU

In the 3+1 option, a student can complete the requirements for the degree to become a medical technologist in four years. Students take classes from FMU for the first three years and complete the fourth clinical year at McLeod Regional Medical Center. During this process, students earn a biology major and a chemistry minor with an emphasis in medical technology and is eligible to take the National Certification Exam from the  American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). The cooperative program allows students to become medical technologists in four years. A bachelor of science degree in biology-medical technology (3+1) option requires 120 credit hours.
  • All General Education Requirements
    • English Composition (ENG 101 & 102)
    • Math (MATH 132 or higher)
    • Statistics (MATH 134)
    • Speech (SPCH 101)
    • Political Science (POL 101 or 103)
    • Social Science elective*
    • Social Science elective*
    • Literature
    • History: 100-level
    • Fine Arts Appreciation (ART 101, MU 101, or THEA 101)
    • Humanities elective**
  • Biology Requirements
    • General Biology (BIOL 105, 115, & 106)
    • Microbiology (BIOL 311)
    • Genetics (BIOL 401)
    • Immunology (BIOL 407)
    • Biology Elective****
  • General Chemistry (CHEM 101 & 102)
  • Organic Chemistry (CHEM 201)
  • Additional Chemistry (CHEM 203 or CHEM 203)
  • General Physics (PHYS 215 & 216)
  • Courses needed to get a chemistry minor or second collateral
  • Free electives needed to reach 90 credit hours***
*Social Science electives include: sociology, geography, political science, economics, and anthropology.
**Humanities electives include: literature, history, art, music, theater, philosophy, & religious studies.
***A course in computer science is recommended.
****Recommended biology electives are human anatomy and physiology.

Bachelor of Science in Biology-Medical Technology (3+1) Option
Fourth year (30 hours) at McLeod Regional Medical Center

During the Junior year, application must be made to the medical technology program. Acceptance is on a competitive basis and is not guaranteed. Students will be admitted to final year only if:

  • They have completed the 3 academic years (or the equivalent) of undergraduate requirements listed above.
  • They have scores >140 on the verbal and quantitative reasoning sections of the GRE.
  • They have a minimum GPA of 2.6 in their biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses.
  • They have minimum overall GPA of 2.5 in their undergraduate coursework.
  • Submitted 3 personal references.

If admitted to the program, students will complete their final year of study at the School of Medical Technology at McLeod Regional Medical Center. Courses will show up on the FMU transcript as Medical Technology Internship courses (BIOL 495 & BIOL 496). The final year involves 53 weeks, integrating classroom lectures with practical laboratory experiences. Students receive hands-on experience in each department of the clinical laboratory. Schedules are rotated to give students several weeks to learn the basic techniques of each department. A sample curriculum is shown below.

  • MT 405 – Clinical Hematology
  • MT 410 – Hemostasis
  • MT 415 – Instrumentation and Methods
  • MT 420 – Clinical Chemistry
  • MT 425 – Clinical Microbiology
  • MT 430 – Parasitology, Mycology, and Virology
  • MT 440 – Clinical Microscopy
  • MT 450 – Immunohematology
  • MT 455 – Clinical Immunology
  • MT 460 – Medical Laboratory Systems

Bachelor of Science in Biology-Medical Technology (4+1) Option

Students may also choose to compete a basic B.S. in Biology, and then apply to a medical technology program for their clinical year of study (4 + 1 program). Care must be taken to make sure all prerequisites for medical techology programs are completed. This option would require 5 years of study.