EDUC 624 - Behavior Management of Studs W/Disa

Credit Hours: Min: 3; Max:

Description: This course examines research-supported techniques that teachers can use in working with learners who have exceptional learning needs and whose behavior interferes with their success. These students include children and adolescents with problems related to sustaining attention, hyperactivity, pragmatic language skills, aggression, and oppositional defiance. Participants will learn to: (1) differentiate problem behaviors through understanding potentially contributory factors; (2) develop age-appropriate interventions suitable for use in classroom and small-group settings; (3) develop and apply Positive Behavior Intervention Plans and other data-driven decision-making techniques for evaluating the effectiveness of interventions; (4) collaborate with classroom teachers, counselors, school psychologists and parents in developing and implementing improvement plans. An understanding of professional ethical guidelines, relevant state and federal laws and regulations, and the importance of developing students' self-management skills will also be emphasized.

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