Computer Science Symposium

Francis Marion Computer Science Majors must take CS 480 and CS 482 in order to graduate. These classes are called Senior Capstone I and II, respectively, and are both meant to bring out the best in all Computer Science majors.

The students are given two semesters and part of a summer to work on an application, robot, video game, or whatever else they feel will showcase the best of their abilities that they have learned in their courses. They may choose to do the entire project themselves or enlist the help of other senior classmates to help bring the program to its highest potential.

They will present their project to faculty, fellow students, and others in the Francis Marion Computer Science Symposium.

Past Symposia

Mark Lights
Lights Finance
App for tracking stock investments
Ja’Nya Breeden
One-Dimensional Field Dislocation Mechanics
A study of computational data providing information on material deformation under applied strain
Samuel Howell
Android mobile app for tracking stock and inventory
Jackson Stanely
Everyday Fitness
Application for providing exercise videos and instructions
Stephen Brown, Chris Jacobs, Amber Spease
User-friendly education software for creating logic gates
Noah Kemmerlin
A social media app for gathering votes and opinions from users
Andrew Freeman
Computer vision application for maintaining headcounts of customers in buildings
Amanda Ries
Application for returning nutritional facts about food products with a focus on special diets and allergies

Christian Gulledge & Ethan Rimer

Craven’s Website

Georgetown, SC neighborhood website

phone graphic

Anquan Gamble & Michael Wilder


An iOS app that enables the Pee Dee region’s citizens to become engaged in their self-care, thereby improving overall population health literacy and outcomes.

smart hive

Kyle Bramlett

Smart Hive

Beehive monitoring system

Jackson Stagg

IBM Cognos Integration and Configuration

Configuration and testing of Warehouse Management System upgrade at Harbor Freight Tools.

Matthew Harrington,  Joshua Lipps and Patrick Marlowe


An Android app that enables the Pee Dee region’s citizens to become engaged in their self-care, thereby improving overall population health literacy and outcomes.

Loreal Anderson & Terrik Boatwright

Remote Surveillance Mesh

A bio-monitoring project utilizing a custom mesh network for data upload and retrieval through a web application.

Randy Chavis

Pro Scheduler

An Android app that automates task assignment to improve productivity in a workplace.

A student presents his idea for an app.

Krunal Patel and David Romanski


A web-based certification and accreditation helper for FMU School of Business.

Professor helping students on computers

Rodney Greene


An Android mobile based flight stick

A student presents his idea for an app.

Marc Phillips

Home Champion

Home School management software

A student presents his idea for an app.

Jesse Hicks


A Supernatural game on Random Number Generator and Enemy Functionality

A student presents his idea for an app.

Stewart Wallace


A social media Andriod app that allows users to communicate with nearby users

A student presents his idea for an app.

Jordan Powell

When Worlds Collide

A chess based strategy game with story mode

A student presents his idea for an app.

Kyle Heath


Web based application for chemistry education

A student presents his idea for an app.

Ryan Blum

Pork Store

Full E-Commerce site

A student presents his idea for an app.

Thomas Bellon

Tower of Smaoht

A RPG revenge-like 2D game

Two men with War Boats Powerpoint

Chris Bracey and Aaron Stafford


Free for all boat death match video game

Man infront of IT Service Request System

Andrew Ankers

Role-Based Access Provisioning for New Employees 

A system to manage and audit  hardware and software based on employee roles (ACS Technologies)

Two men standing with Tut it Up Powerpoint

Dylan Leon and Charlton Williams

Tut It Up

an Android application connecting students to tutors on campus

Photo of woman standing infront of Sovereign Logic Powerpoint

Savannah Barber

Sovereign Logic

A digital systems design suite for students

Photo of man standing infront of 30 minutes life powerpoint

Bradley Cooper


a multiplayer kart racing game

Seminar talk with blue screened background

Travis Haselden

Sight Trainer

3-D games to encourage the eyes to work together

Photo of LockPyck Powerpoint

Trey Watford and Christian Belk


A password cracker powered by probabilistic context free grammar

Man with Solar Battle Powerpoint

Corey Greene

Solar Battle

A 2-D space shooting game

Colorful Main Screen Kids Powerpoint

Deep Patel

Kids Learning Mate

All-in-one kids educational games

Photo of Miguel and Brainstorming

Miguel Espinoza

Application for helping users organize their mornings

Integrate with the android calendar application in order to display events upon waking up.

ZsaVae "Did I take my medicine today?"

ZsaVae J. Rich


Keeps track of all of medication information, records date/time medication(s) and vital(s) are taken, as well as all doctor and pharmacy information

Photo of Rob with computer screen background

Rob Jones

EMS Deployment Density Mapper : A Visualization Tool

A tool to visually render data modeling the demand and placement of EMS vehicles.

Photo of Stephon and Heuristic Search Algorithms

Stephon Powell

Inventory System Algorithms

A comparison of inventory system algorithms.

Photo of Jamie and Movement Selection Slide

James Leviner

Couch 2 Crossfit : An Android Application

A mobile application providing exercise and fitness instructions.

Photo of Chris and Call Center Management App slide

Chris Blackwell

Call Center Management System

An application to expedite the handling of help desk requests.

Photo of Casen and Role Criteria Categories

Casen Gouveia

A Custom Scheduling Manager

An application to assists a restaurant manager in scheduling and tracking employees over different shifts and serving stations.

Photo of Steven with slide

Steven Biggs

Small Business Sales System

A point-of-sale system for convenience stores

Photo of Tyler and Functionality GPA

Tyler Donaldson

Grade Tracker : An Android Application

A mobile application allowing a student to record and analyze their course grades and progress.

Photo of Coker Thigpen (Two people)

Brandon Coker & Will Thigpen

Trucking Company Software

Software developed for Senior Thesis as well as for a company in Turbeville, SC.

Photo of Wheeler Teal (Two people)

Zack Wheeler & Alex Teal

A open/closed source community.

Photo of Bowen Park (Two People)

Matthew Bowen & Danielle Parker

Hybrid reordered Arnoldi methods to accelerate PageRank computations.