Dr. Will Wattles

Will Wattles

Dr. Will Wattles

Faculty Emeritus in Psychology
Former Chair; Department of Psychology
Former Walter D. Smith Professor of Psychology

William P. Wattles is a former Chair of the Psychology Department. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and a member of the Association for Psychological Science. Will received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Tufts University, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas-Austin and a Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical/Community Psychology from the University of South Carolina-Columbia. He taught undergraduate courses in Health Psychology and Quantitative and Psychometric Methods. For the graduate program he taught Group Counseling and Psychotherapy and Psychological Assessment: Personality and Psychopathology with associated practica for both.

Research Interests

  • Teaching of Psychology
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Program Assessment
  • Qualitative Analysis of faculty and program evaluations
  • Health Psychology

Website: http://people.fmarion.edu/wwattles