The official FMU academic catalog lists program requirements and course offerings. The department’s course offerings and requirements for majors/minors were revised in Fall 2014. The degree requirements and course offerings (and numberings) in the current academic catalog look quite different from those listed in earlier catalogs.

Program Changes

Many exciting new courses have been created and will be offered in rotation. Required courses are arranged in nine blocks. (Note that a list of special topics courses, which vary by semester, can be found below.)

In the new curriculum, several existing courses have been renumbered, and a few existing courses were eliminated.

The new curriculum should not cause anyone delays in graduating. Students with questions about the new curriculum are urged to contact Dr. Rebecca H. Flannagan, Chair of the Department.

Special topics, advanced study, and senior seminar courses vary by semester. We invite you to browse descriptions of current, previous, and future offerings of those courses: