Political Science

Preparing students for successful careers

The Political Science program offers its majors a broad understanding of political phenomena, including political institutions, political processes, political behavior, and contemporary political issues.

The program provides instruction so as to enable all students to complete as part of their general education requirements an introductory-level course in political science that includes material dealing with the United States Constitution.

The course of study for the major prescribes a set of core courses in the discipline’s traditional subfields of American government, comparative politics, international relations, political philosophy, and political methodology. Students elect the remainder of their primary work from a range of course offerings pertaining to foreign and/or domestic American government and politics. The flexibility of the curriculum permits students to pursue a program of courses tailored to their individual interests and career goals.

Graduates with a major in political science receive the broad training and develop the general competence in the discipline required to equip them for successful careers in journalism, politics, the military, public service, and quasi-public agencies, commerce and industry, teaching, and other occupations for which preparation in the field is desirable, or to undertake postgraduate professional study in political science, public administration, or related areas such as law.


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Dr. Richard A. Almeida

Professor of Political Science

Office: FH 139
Phone: 843-661-1631

Photo of FMU President, Fred Carter

Dr. Fred Carter

President of Francis Marion University
Professor of Political Science

Office: SAB 110
Phone: 843-661-1210

Photo of Richard Doughty

Richard G. Doughty

Instructor of Political Science and Geography

Office: FH 144
Phone: 843-661-1612

Kevin Lasher

Dr. Kevin J. Lasher

Emeritus Faculty of Political Science
Years at FMU: 1993-2022


Dr. Kyle J. Morgan

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office: FH 138
Phone: 843-661-1615

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Dr. Lauren K. Perez

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office: FH 134
Phone: 843-661-1613

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Dr. Dillon S. Tatum

Chair, Department of Political Science & Geography
Coordinator of Political Science and Criminal Justice
Associate Professor of Political Science

Office: FH 129
Phone: 843-661-1632

photo of jennifer titanski hooper

Dr. Jennifer Titanski-Hooper

Assistant Professor of Geography
Director of McNair Institute for Research and Service

Office: HC 108
Phone: 843-661-1619

Dr. T. Alissa Warters

University Provost
Dean of the Francis Marion College of Liberal Arts
Professor of Political Science

Office: SAB 115
Phone: 843-661-1286

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Dr. David R. White

Professor of Political Science
Coordinator of Pre-Law Programs

Office: FH 136
Phone: 843-661-1614