April 9, 2024

FMU recognizes the academic achievements of students

Francis Marion University hosted its annual Academic Awards ceremony Monday evening on campus. 

Students from all areas of study were recognized for academic excellence. The awards are selected by appointed committees and faculty of each academic department.

FMU presented six university-wide awards recognizing overall academic performance across all disciplines. Additionally, awards were presented within the College of Liberal Arts, School of Education, School of Business and School of Health Sciences. 

The complete list of awards is as follows:

University-Wide Awards

President’s Undergraduate Research Award  —  Morgan McCaskill

Pee Dee Electric Cooperative Award  —  Allison Thompson

Honors Student Advisory Committee (HSAC) Award  —  Stephen Nelson

Duane P. Myers Honors Award  —  Ashlynn Perry

Phi Kappa Phi Award  —  Noah Lewis

Scholastic Achievement Award  —  Lila Grace

Scholastic Achievement Award  —  Kasandra Clark

Scholastic Achievement Award  —  Savannah Collins

Scholastic Achievement Award  —  Jordan Hinson

Scholastic Achievement Award  —  Whitney Lynch

College of Liberal Arts

Richard B. Larsen Memorial Award  —  Rome Olajuwon

Theatre Arts Award  —  Alaina Franklin

Peggy Love McLaughlin Art Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior  —  Emily Morgan Weaver

The NSCDA-SC Ann Williamson History Award  —  Alaina Hudson

Promising Sophomore in Biology Award  —  Jacob Edwards

Outstanding Achievement in Biology Award  —  Clayton Tiller

Excellence in Biological Research Award  —  Grace Trautman

SC Section of the American Chemical Society (SCACS) Outstanding Chem. Maj  —  Haizley Herndon

Analytical Chemistry Award  —  Anna Howell

W. H. Breazeale Chemistry Major Award  —  Alexander Smith

Katharine S. Boling Memorial Award in Fiction  —  Paul Dewitt

Richard B. Larsen Memorial Award  —  Kennedy Hartfield

Playwriting/Screenwriting Award  —  Kennedy Hartfield

McCrimmon Writing Award  —  Jasmin Marsh

Modern Language Award  —  Bailey Mitchell

English Award  —  Allie Moore

Modern Language Award  —  Christian Stevens

English Award  —  Daelin Tripp

Robert R. Parham Poetry Award  —  Emily Weaver

Music Industry Award  —  Tabitha Modrell

Donna H. Goodman Community Service Award  —  Brittany Sehnke

Tim Hanson Print Journalism Award  —  Deidre Currin

Mass Communication Award  —  Katie Maldonado

Mathematics Award  —  Austin Freeman

Mathematics Award  —  Eli Hellmig

Bill Whitmire Math Education Award  —  Emily Thigpen

Industrial Engineering Award  —  Adam Ernberg

Computational Physics Award  —  Eli Hellmig

Mechanical Engineering Award  —  Kirk Johnson

Health Physics Award  —  Jacob Prozzi

Engineering Technology Award  —  Nicholas Threatte

Neal D. Thigpen Award in South Carolina Politics and Government  —  Alexis Albright

Eileen L. Kirley-Tallon Political Science Award  —  Ariana Prete

Douglas A. Mandra Memorial Award and Scholarship in Applied Psychology  —  Hollis Duncan

Mike Jordan Psychology Award  —  Noah Lewis

L. A. Hoff Psychology Research Award  —  Jacob Prete

Sociology Award  —  Kasandra Clark

Linda M. Summer Social Work Award  —  Emily Cooper

School of Business

Management Award  —  Elyanna Bauer

Marketing Award  —  Julia Fulmer

Finance Award  —  Jordan Higbe

Computer Science Award  —  Jordan Hinson

Economics Award  —  Tibalt Nguyen; Lane Ward

Management Information Systems Award  —  Ashley Watford

School of Education

Thomas W. Sills Memorial Award in Early Childhood Education  —  Savannah Bird

James E. Potterfield Award in Elementary Education  —  Rhamey Floyd

Burton I. and Diane Kaufman Secondary Education Award  —  Madison Lynch

Secondary Education Award  —  Allie Moore

Art Education Award  —  Brittany Sehnke

School of Health Sciences

Healthcare Administration Award  —  Makayla Willets

Undergraduate Nursing Award  —  Ashlynn Perry

Graduate Nursing Award  —  Callie Rumfelt

Speech Language Pathology Award  —  Nicole Barber