Quick Glance

Terms Offered
  • Fall
Language Requirements
  • English
Transfer Courses Available
  • Pre-nursing, Education, Natural and Social Sciences, and Humanities
Application Deadline
  • March 4, 2022
Orientation Meeting
  • All Students are required to attend a predeparture information session shortly before studying abroad
Photo of Karen-Fries

Dr. Karen Fries

Associate Professor of Education
Faculty Secretary

Office: CEMC 216
Phone: 843-661-1438


University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) is one of the oldest colleges in Canada with a history dating to the early 19th century in two founding institutions: Prince of Wales College (est. 1834) and St. Dunstan’s University (est. 1855).  It is located on 140 acres in Charlottetown, the capital of the Prince Edward Islands, a harbor town near beaches and with a variety of annual cultural events. UPEI is a public liberal arts university relatively the same size as FMU with about 4,400 students.

For more information visit their webpages: University of Prince Edward Island, or Incoming Exchange Student .



Students can stay in single UPEI residences with a 7-day meal plan for approximately $3785 (US) per semester. More information about the different residence halls and meal options are available at the UPEI website.



Students staying longer than six months will need a Canadian Study Permit (about $125). American Students can apply for the Study Permit at the first port of entry. Depending on citizenship, students may also require a Resident Visa to enter Canada.


Applying to UPEI

After you have been accepted to the FMU exchange program you will be required to complete:

  • UPEI application form by April 15
  • Application for study permit, if required.

Your FMU Liaison, Dr. Fries, will assist you with the application process and mail your documents to UPEI. Once you’ve received your acceptance packet you will apply for housing.