We know that you are making an important and life-changing decision to study abroad. Please consider the following steps, prior to making your application. These steps will help you to assemble a quality application packet, as well as prepare you for the logistics of abroad study.

FMU has a direct relationship with each of our study abroad partners. A program liaison is appointed by the FMU administration to serve as the main point of contact for each program. Program liaisons are knowledgeable sources of information about each of our programs and can be a good resource for you in preparing an application. Please see the list of available semester programs below and contact the respective liaisons for more information:


The university’s International Studies Committee is responsible for screening all applications. A complete application includes the following:

  • Completed International Exchange Application
  • Recommendation letters from two faculty members (sent via email or dropped off at Honors Center, Rm 107)
  • Personal essay (300-500 words) addressing:
    • Why you are interested in pursuing a study abroad program and how it will benefit your further education and/or desired career.
    • If you have previous experience traveling on your own.
    • How you have been exposed to another culture, other than your own.
    • Previous life experiences that demonstrate a suitable level of independent initiative and ability to take care of yourself, while abroad.
    • Specify which of the following ways you plan to use to support yourself while studying abroad:
      • Employment
      • Loans
      • Other
    • Any additional financial concerns that you may have not addressed in your statement. Please be thorough in your response as this may be used to assess your eligibility for travel funding.
  • A color copy of your passport or confirmation that you are acquiring a passport



Two FMU faculty members must write a letter in support of your application, verifying your intellectual and emotional preparedness for study abroad. Letters of recommendation should be emailed from your recommender to Dr. J. Mark Blackwell at jblackwell@fmarion.edu, or dropped off in a sealed envelope with the signature of your recommender on the seal at Honors Center, Rm. 107 or Rm 103.


Submission of an application does not guarantee participation in a semester abroad. The International Studies Committee reviews applications and selects participants on a competitive basis. All applications for a program are reviewed just after the deadline date and those selected will receive an information packet via email.

International Programs - Outbound Application

International Programs - Outgoing Student Application

International Programs - Outgoing Student Application