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The Mass Communication major prepares students for a career in the mass media. After completing a series of foundation courses, students may choose one of four specialty tracks – broadcast journalism, convergence journalism, sports journalism or public relations.

The major leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree that requires 59 hours of general education courses, including a foreign language, and 36 hours of mass communication courses.

Students must choose 18 semester hours for a minor in another discipline or complete two 12-hour collaterals.

Elective courses are also required for an overall total of 120 semester hours.

Discover Exciting Opportunities in Communication

Students gain valuable experience by working with professors who have spent decades in the field of journalism and public relations.

The Spirit of the Students.

The Face of FMU.

FMU is home to an award winning student newspaper, The Patriot. As a member of The Patriot newspaper staff, students have the opportunity to write articles, columns, photograph university events and work on layout. Hands on experience while working with talented professors.

The Patriot is published twelve times during the academic year for the students, faculty and staff of Francis Marion University. The Patriot office is located in the Smith University Center, Room 201. To learn more, call (843) 661-1350.

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Student Media Association

The Student Media Association at Francis Marion University is a group of students who share a common interest in mass communication. The group meets regularly throughout the semester for discussions about broadcast journalism, public relations, convergence journalism, and sports journalism.

In conjunction with the Department of Mass Communication at Francis Marion University, the group takes field trips to media-focused locations, invites special guests, hosts panel discussions and encourages spirited conversation about mass media and journalism. SMA members need not be a mass communication major but members should share an appreciation of mass media, journalism and PR.

Students visiting WMF News station


Jenifer Butler

Jenifer Butler

Instructor in English

Office: CEMC
Phone: 843-661-

Douglas Dobbins

Part Time Instructor: Mass Communication

Office: CEMC 111-F

Photo of Stan Diel

Dr. Stan Diel

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Office: CEMC 111C
Phone: 843-661-1532

Dr. Layire Diop

Assistant Professor of Mass Communication

Office: CEMC 111E
Phone: 843-661-1621

woman smiling

Adalia B. Ellis

Part-Time Instructor: Mass Communication

Office: CEMC 104A
Phone: 843-661-1629

Photo of Bryan Fisher

Dr. Bryan Fisher

Associate Professor Speech, Coordinator of Speech Communication

Office: CEMC 111-A
Phone: 843-661-1686

Photo of Timothy Hanson

Timothy L. Hanson

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Office: CEMC 111-B
Phone: 843-661-1560

Photo of Kay Packett

Kay Thomas Packett

Associate Professor of Mass Communication

Office: CEMC 111D
Phone: 843-661-1617