Important Registration Dates:

October 22- Payment Plan Due Date

December 10- Payment due for Spring 2020 Classes

Direct Deposit/Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Effective Spring 2018, FMU will require direct deposit for student account refunds.

Student Payroll Direct Deposit/Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)

Effective Spring 2018, FMU will require direct deposit for student payroll checks.

FMU Debit Plan

Guide for using OneWeb to add funds to your FMU ID Card

  • Click on the FMU Debit Plan Link above
  • Enter your Account & Password:
  • Account: This is your Student ID Number  Password: The first time is your Birthdate Log On NOTE: You can also CREATE PASSWORD OR RESET PASSWORD by clicking ACCOUNT SETTINGS. 
  • Adding Cash: After you successfully login, Click ADD CASH to your FMU ID Card
  • Enter the amount (minimum $5.00) you want to deposit to your card in the Deposit Amount Box and Click Continue. You will be redirected to a secure site to fill out your Debit or Credit card information.
  • Fill out the appropriate information and verify all of your information is correct and Click Continue

Financial Statement

I understand that the University is advancing value to me in the form of educational services and that my right to register for class(es) is expressly conditioned upon my agreement to pay institutional costs including, but not limited to, tuition fees, housing, meals, and any additional costs incurred by me.
I agree that should I fail to pay any balances due (by the required due date), my right to register for classes and other services will be withheld in accordance with FMU policy until I pay all past due balances. I understand that any delinquent debts may/will be reported to a credit bureau, referred to collection agencies, and reported to the Department of Revenue; such reporting may negatively impact my ability to obtain credit.
I agree to pay Francis Marion University or agencies acting on behalf of the University the collection fee, which may be up to a maximum of 33.3% of the debt, and all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred in such collection efforts.
I authorize the University and any respective agents or contractors to utilize all contact information I have provided the University, including, but not limited to cell phone numbers, land lines, email addresses, other wireless devices using automated telephone dialing equipment or artificial or pre-coded voice or text messages, and all mailing addresses to contact me.
I understand that if I register for classless and never attend or if I stop attending classes during a semester, it is my responsibility to officially withdraw from the University. I understand that withdrawing prior to the 60% point in a semester (term) may result in a balance owed to the University from the reduction of federal aid.

FMU Meal Plan

For prices and meal plan options, please see University Fees and Expenses. Patriot Bucks that accompany all meal plans (including the Patriot Bucks Plan) purchased during the Fall or Spring semesters must be spent by the conclusion of the Spring Semester (Graduation Day). Unspent Patriot Bucks associated with meal plans will be forfeited at that time and will not carry over to the next year.

Residence Halls (Palmetto, Swamp Fox, Marion State, Bell Isle, Snow Island, and Watson)

The All Access Meal Plan (Unlimited swipes 7 days a week and $25 Patriot Bucks per semester) is part of your freshman housing package. Log into the Patriot Portal, Click on Financial Information, Click on Student Account Summary, Select the Semester and then click on the drop down menu for room and board you will see your housing and meal plan charges.

Off Campus Students and Residents of the Forest Villas and the Village Apartments

To purchase a meal plan, go to the Patriot Marketplace at and select the Cashiers Office and then Meal Plans.

Have extra financial aid to purchase your meal plan? Email with your name, student id number and the meal plan you would like. We’ll add it to your account so you can apply your financial aid! It’s that easy.

Vehicle Registration

Registration is required for every vehicle driven on campus by students, faculty, and staff. A decal purchased in the Fall is good for one academic year. You must buy a new decal each Fall. Students needing to purchase a decal will go to, click on current students, then click on Patriot Marketplace, then cashiers office, and then click on Vehicle registration. A student who has an unregistered vehicle on campus is subject to traffic citations and fines.

Students who are Housing Residents must have a white decal that displays a number and includes the letter “R.” Residents without the proper decal, displaying an “R,” will be subject to traffic citations and fines if he/she parks in Resident Lots during night and early morning hours.

Commuting students must have a blue decal that displays a number only. A commuter who parks in a lot for “housing students only” will be subject to citations and fines.

Students who change from resident to commuter status (or vice versa) must exchange their current decal for one that reflects their new status. In order to obtain a free replacement decal, the old decal (or its pieces) must be returned to the Cashier’s Office. Failure to make the proper exchange will subject the student to traffic citations and fines.

Parking permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another or from one person to another. Giving someone else your decal could result in charges on your student account. If a student changes vehicles during the period that the registration is valid, he/she must bring the decal (or its pieces) to the Cashier’s Office for an exchange.  Failure to properly exchange the decal subjects the student to traffic citations and fines.

Visitors: Visitors to the campus are not required to purchase permanent decals. However, visitors are required to park in the spaces marked “Visitor.” Students, faculty, and staff who park in a visitor space are subject to traffic citations and fines. Visitors who will be staying as guests in housing must obtain approval to park their vehicles in the areas marked for housing students only. Approval can be obtained from Housing and Residence Life personnel.

Refund Schedules

By registering for classes, a student incurs a legal obligation to pay fees. A student wishing to withdraw should notify the Registrar’s Office. Refunds are computed from the date of official withdrawal from the University. Certain fees are non-refundable and are so noted in the student catalog. No refunds are allowed because of irregularity in attendance of classes. Refund checks are held in the Cashier’s Office for approximately 10 days and are then forwarded to the student’s permanent address. Refunds for Federal Title IV aid will be pro-rated in accordance with the Higher Education regulations. Students receiving financial assistance may be required to repay an appropriate amount of the assistance advanced for the semester of withdrawal.

Please see the current student catalog for housing and dining refund policies.

Fall 2019

For Complete Withdrawal

100 percent refund (Last Day: August 23, 2019)
90 percent refund (Last Day: August 29, 2019)
50 percent refund (Last Day: September 13, 2019)
25 percent refund (Last Day: October 14, 2019)
No refund (After October 14, 2019)


Dropping Below 10 Hours

      100 percent refund (Last Day: August 23, 2019)
       50 percent refund (Last Day: September 3, 2019)

Spring 2020

For Complete Withdrawal

100 percent refund (Last Day: January 17, 2020)
90 percent refund (Last Day: January 23, 2020)
50 percent refund (Last Day: February 7, 2020)
25 percent refund (Last Day: March 5, 2020)
No refund (After March 5, 2020)


Dropping Below 10 Hours

      100 percent refund (Last Day: January 17, 2020)
       50 percent refund (Last Day: January 29, 2020)

Spring 2020 Registration

Registration and Drop/Add begins October 23, 2019. Please check with your advisor for your advisory period.

The payment due date is December 10, 2019 for pre-registered students.  Students who register between October 23, 2019- December 9, 2019, must pay their schedule on or before December 10, 2019. Students who register between December 10, 2019-January 9, 2020 must pay/confirm their schedule on or before January 10, 2020.  Late Registration is January 13, 2020-January 17, 2020 students must pay when they register to avoid cancellation of their schedule and housing room assignment.

Payment may be made in one of three ways:

Pay via the web.  If you owe a balance, you may pay with VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.  To do so login into the Patriot Portal, Click on Financial Information, Click on “View Account and Make Payments”

Walk into the Cashier’s Office. You may pay with Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.  The bill/payment must be received on or before the due date (see above) to avoid cancellation of the students schedule and housing room assignment.

Mail payment to the Cashier’s Office. You may pay with Check, and or Money Order. The bill/payment must be received on or before the due date (see above) to avoid cancellation of the students schedule and housing room assignment.

Checks should be made payable to Francis Marion University.  Francis Marion University does not accept post-dated checks.

Outside Scholarship Checks

Outside Scholarship Checks are processed by the Cashier’s Office.

An outside scholarship could be any outside financial assistance given to a student that is not awarded through FMU. Outside scholarships may include funds from a civic organization or a church. All outside scholarships must be reported to the Financial Assistance Office before allowed onto the student account.

If an outside scholarship is received by the student with FMU as one of the endorsees, the student must bring the check into the Cashier’s Office to be verified and processed.

If FMU receives the outside scholarship and both the student and FMU are the endorsees, the student will be notified that his/her endorsement is needed to process the scholarship.

FMU has to have the physical check before anything is put onto the student account. FMU does not credit a student account with an outside scholarship from paperwork – the money has to be at FMU and processed through Financial Assistance.

Checks are to be sent to the Francis Marion University address with “Attention Cashier’s Office.”

Payment Plans

A Francis Marion University student whose semester fees are $500.00 or more is eligible for the Semester Payment Program. Charges may include general university and housing fees. Optional fees including the FMU Debit Card, car decals, and meal plans cannot be calculated into the payment plan. All previous debts to the University must be paid in order to be eligible.

There is a $64 nonrefundable setup charge to be enrolled in the payment plan as well as a $15 late fee for payments that are not made on time.

There are two payment plan options 3 Payment Plan or 4 Payment Plan. The difference between the two is how many payments your balance is split into (3 for the 3 Payment Plan and 4 for the 4 Payment Plan). For the 4 Payment plan the setup charge as well as the first payment is due upon enrollment. At enrollment for the 3 Payment Plan only the $64 is due. The due dates are set for each payment plan and will be given upon enrollment.

To sign up for a payment plan you would log into the Patriot Portal. Online enrollment dates are Oct. 23, 2019 to Dec. 9, 2019 for the four payment plan and Oct. 23, 2019 to Jan. 22, 2020 for the three payment plan.


Perkins Loans

The Federal Perkins Loans is a low interest (currently 5%), long-term loans made to help low income undergraduate students pay for college. If the Financial Assistance Office notifies you that you have been awarded a Perkins Loan, you will be contacted by our Perkins Loan Officer, Ms. April Johnson, to complete your loan documents. It is important for Perkins borrowers to remember to contact Ms. Johnson should they wish to drop below half-time enrollment or transfer to another school.

You may contact Ms. Johnson directly at 843-661-1124 or The Perkins Loan Office is located in SAB 111-E (the Payroll Suite).

Education Tax Credits

You may be eligible to claim tax credits and/or deductions for educational expenses incurred for yourself, your spouse, or your dependent children. In addition, you may benefit from various educational saving plans or accounts.

To learn more about Education Tax Credits and Saving options, please click on the following links:

Tax Benefits for Education

Education Credits

SC Tuition Tax Credit

SC Tuition Tax Credit

The South Carolina General Assembly has recently increased its income tax credit for eligible students for tuition paid to South Carolina Colleges and Universities.  Students may qualify for up to $1,500 in tuition tax credits.  For eligibility to be determined, Form SC 1040 must be filed and Form I-319 must also be completed.


To assist you with the understanding of your 1098T tax statement, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) which can be found below. Additional information can be found on the IRS website at

What is a 1098-T?

In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act established two education tax credits and a deduction for student loan interest. These credits are explained in detail in Publication 970 from the IRS.

The 1098-T form is a Tuition Payment Statement that includes information that colleges and universities are required to issue for the purpose of determining a student’s eligibility for education tax credits.

What is reported on a 1098-T statement?

The information reported in Box 1 on the 1098-T statement includes payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses (as defined by the IRS) that were posted to your accounting bill between the dates of January 1st and December 31st. Payments include financial assistance as defined by the IRS.

Box 3 is checked due to the change of reporting method (as defined by the IRS).

Box 4 reports the adjustments made for a prior year.

Box 5 reports the financial aid (excluding loans) that you administered and processed during the calendar year for qualified tuition and related expenses (as defined by the IRS).

Box 6 reports the adjustments to the financial aid (excluding loans) for a prior year.

Box 7 is checked if any payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses reported for 2018 relate to an academic period that begins in January through March of 2019.

What is the deadline for the 1098-T tax forms to be mailed to students?

By federal law, all forms must be postmarked by January 31, 2019.

What makes me eligible to receive a 1098-T?

You are eligible to receive a 1098-T if you had qualified tuition and fee payments during the 2017 calendar year that were not reported on the previous year’s 1098-T statement.

I attended FMU, why isn’t box 8 checked?

You are required to be at least half-time for one term within the calendar year in order to be eligible for the tax credits provided by the IRS.


A 1098-T statement in no way suggests that you are eligible for a tax credit. 1098-T statements are for informational purposes only. Please speak with a tax professional or consult the IRS website for more information about whether or not you qualify for a credit.

If after reviewing these FAQ’s, you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Change Checks/Financial Aid Overage Checks

For inquiries about your change check(s), check your student account. Once you log into your account, scroll down to the most recent activity. Once your account shows “Check Issued,” a change check will have been printed for you. Checks are distributed on Fridays.

Please note that this information updates to each student account on Thursday during the fall and spring semesters, and on Wednesdays during the summer semesters.

You will receive an e-mail to your SwampFox e-mail address when your check has been processed. Verify and/or update your personal information here.

Students must present a valid photo ID to pick up change checks.

Check Cashing

Personal and student payroll checks (from Aramark or Follett), presented with a valid picture ID, can be cashed in the Cashier’s Office. Our office does not cash third-party checks. The limits for check cashing are as follows:

Personal Checks:

On-campus students:
$50.00 or less

Parent or guardian checks sent to on-campus student or Patriot Place student:
No Limit (Subject to cash availability)

Faculty and Staff:
$100.00 or less

Direct Deposit

Francis Marion University policy REQUIRES all students to sign up for direct deposit so refunds can be electronically deposited into your checking or savings account with your bank. Electronic deposit will allow you to receive your refunds quickly and safely.

Please fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, attach a voided check, and return both to the Accounting/Cashier’s Office in the Stokes Administration Building, Room 103 or mail to: Francis Marion University, Accounting/Cashier’s Office, P.O. Box 100547, Florence, SC 29502 .

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Direct Deposit FAQ

Financial Holds

Pre-Registration: A student may not be allowed to register for a subsequent semester until all past due financial obligations are paid.

Transcripts: FMU may not release official transcripts until all past due financial obligations are paid.

Past Due Balance Policy

It is the policy of Francis Marion University that a student will not be allowed to register for a subsequent semester until all past due financial obligations are paid. The University may not furnish transcripts if a student is delinquent in paying on a student account or student loan obligations. An account deemed uncollectible by the University may be reported to a credit bureau and referred to a collection agency.

Returned/Dishonored Checks

Persons who have a returned check with the University will receive written notification and will be charged a $30.00 returned check fee.

Returned Checks for Tuition/Fees Payments

Failure to pay the original check amount (of the check written for tuition/fees) and returned check fee within 5 days of written notification will result in withdrawal from all classes.

Returned Checks for Other Payments or Check Cashing

Persons failing to pay the original check amount (of the check written for other payments or for check cashing) and the returned check fee within 10 days of written notification will be submitted to the Florence County Solicitor’s Office Worthless Check Unit.

Returned checks can be paid in the Cashier’s Office. Anyone who has three or more returned checks loses his/her check writing and check cashing privileges.

Traffic Ticket Appeals

Any person who believes that his/her vehicle was unjustly ticketed may appeal. Before completing your appeal, you are encouraged to review the FMU Traffic Regulations relating to your individual rights, and more specifically, the sections which relate to the nature of your citation.

All appeals must be received within fourteen (14) calendar days after issuance of the ticket or the right to appeal is forfeited and the fine will double.

The decision of the Traffic Committee is final.

For more information, and to fill out the appeal form, please visit the Campus Police webpage.