June 20, 2022

Activate Academy at FMU inspires, motivates rising ninth graders

Activate Academy at FMU inspires, motivates rising ninth graders

Rising ninth graders across Florence County had the opportunity to participate in a unique comprehensive learning experience at Francis Marion University last week known as Activate Academy.


Sponsored by FMU and its Center of Excellence for College and Career Readiness, Activate Academy is a three-day learning experience where students are exposed to different career paths and learn about what it takes to get there.


“The middle school to high school transition can be a very difficult one as the school itself is often much larger, grades begin to count towards the overall high school GPA, and students are expected to be more self-motivated and responsible,” said Dr. Meredith Love, Co-director of the Center of Excellence for College and Career Readiness. “We hope that the students who attend Activate are given tools to help them develop a mindset that will carry them through this transition and into a successful high school career.”


Nominated by guidance counselors, the soon-to-be high schoolers were trained on strategies for success in high school and college. The students were lodged in FMU residence halls and worked with teachers from local school districts, as well as Francis Marion faculty. 


Created and facilitated by middle and high school teachers, Activate Academy seeks to educate and prepare students for high school, college, and life beyond. During the program, students are exposed to many industries and career paths through hands-on instruction and visits to local businesses.


Activate Academy also seeks to inspire and motivate students to set goals and work toward achieving them. Students participate in workshops and engaging activities designed to build confidence.


To learn more, visit the Activate Academy website https://www.screadiness.org/programs/activate-academy/.