Offers support by providing non-print resources, audio/visual production, and media equipped conference facilities for faculty, students, and staff of FMU.

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CEMC Resource Area

Multimedia Services is located in the CEMC 101 suite (Resource Area). Contact us at extension 1250, on campus; or 843-661-1250 from off campus.


Monday – Friday

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday


Late Spring and Summer I & II

Monday – Thursday

8:00 am – 5:15 pm

Friday – Sunday



Main Areas of the Media Center

Television Studio

The studio is a fully functional television studio used for both student and university productions.

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Equipment in the studio includes:

  • Dove Systems light control board
  • Brightline fluorescent lights
  • Multi-colored cyclorama light
  • Black, white, and blue background curtains on travellers
  • Chroma wall
  • 2 Hitachi Z-2000 cameras
  • 1 Hitachi Z-2010A camera
  • 3 Cartoni C20 tripod heads
  • 3 Cartoni P50 pedestals
  • “EasyReader Lite” teleprompter system
  • 4 Clearcom intercom system headsets

Studio control contains:

  • Mackie 32 channel audio board
  • Cassette player
  • CD Player
  • DAT player
  • Tricaster video switcher
  • Extron scan converter (VGA to video)
  • Videonics “Power Script Studio” character generator
  • Autopatch routing system
  • 3 DVCAM VTRs
  • 2 S-VHS VTRs
  • CCUs for studio cameras
  • 3 Clearcom intercom system headsets

Resource Area

“The Heart of Cauthen Educational Media Center.”

The Resource Area provides non-print resources, technological support, and media-equipped teaching and conference facilities for the faculty, students, and staff of Francis Marion University.
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 Located in the Resource Area:
  • 39 Virtual Desktop Computers.
  • 4 Carrels with TV/VCR combination units.
  • 12 Computer stations for modern languages.
  • 1 scanner station.
  • 2 Small viewing rooms with a capacity of 8 persons per room.

Lowrimore Auditorium

The Ashpy P. Lowrimore Auditorium in the Cauthen Educational Media Center was been completely renovated and outfitted with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment in 2003, due to a $500,000 gift in Lowrimore’s honor from an anonymous donor.

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The 201-seat auditorium serves as a classroom during the day, and is also used for symposiums, forums, lectures, movies and other events. The auditorium contains new carpet, seats, paint and lights. The stage was redone into two stages: a presentation stage and a smaller teaching stage.  The auditorium has three wall-mounted cameras to record or broadcast live events. There is a large projection screen that can be lowered and raised at the push of a button. The new equipment also includes a DVD/vcr combination unit, stereo, speakers with surround sound, computers, and wireless microphones.

Lowrimore, who died in 2001, was an outstanding Florence leader who distinguished himself through his banking career, civic involvement, and commitment to his community and FMU. A regional president of BB&T, he was chairman of FMU’s Capital Campaign Steering Committee at the time of his death.

All of the audio-visual equipment can be operated from a control room at the back of the auditorium. Another set of controls is located on a stage wall, and a third set is on a special teaching podium.

The podium has a built-in touch screen, on which professors can make notations using a stylus. Presenters can also hook up a laptop computer or use the podium’s overhead projector to present information on the large projection screen.

Outside the auditorium is a new student lounge area with new flooring, furniture and the Cauthen Cafe.

A portion of the $500,000 gift also went toward construction of a fountain in the center mall area of campus. The 25-ft. diameter fountain has 40 jets spraying water eight feet high. Sidewalks around the fountain have been reworked and lighting and landscaping have been added.

The plaque outside the auditorium reads:
“Dedicated in memory of an outstanding Florence leader who distinguished himself through is banking career, civic involvement, and commitment to his community and Francis Marion University.  As chairman of the FMU Campaign for Excellence, he left a legacy of service to the university and region.  A modest man, he never sought personal attention or recognition for his good deeds and generosity.”


The Media Center Houses and Maintains the Following Equipment

  • VHS Camcorders
  • Tripods
  • VHS Players/Recorders
  • S-VHS Players/Recorders
  • DVD Players
  • DVD/VHS Combination Units
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Video Projectors
  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Televisions
  • Audio Cassette Players & Recorders
  • Boom Boxes with CD, Cassette, & Tuner
  • Laminating Services ($1.00 per foot)
  • Portable Screens
**We also have the ability to transfer between the following video formats: 3/4″; VHS; S-VHS; DVD; Mini-DV; DVCAM.**

City of Florence Channel

The City Channel airs a variety of programming. Programming primarily airs between 9-11 a.m. and 7-10 p.m.
Some programs include:
•City Council Meetings
•County Council Meetings
•County Planning Commission Meetings
•School Board Meetings
•Florence Area School Productions
•Various Programs Produced by FMU

The City Channel’s FMU programs are on YouTube.

A schedule of programs on Channel 1301 airs at 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Contact the City of Florence here to request a graphic on the City Channel.

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