Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts offers major programs in art education, music industry, theatre arts, and visual arts. Students majoring in the fine arts combine general education courses with lecture courses emphasizing studio performance.

Theatre arts majors may specialize in performance areas or design and technical production areas. Visual arts majors may specialize in ceramics, graphic design, painting or photography. Music industry majors may specialize in performance, business or technology. These major programs serve as ends in themselves as well as preparation for graduate study, related careers, and the teaching of art.

Minors are also offered in Art History, Music, Theatre Arts and Visual Arts.



The Francis Marion University Art Education program offers our students a comprehensive education, based on quality instruction taught by well qualified faculty, and nontraditional educational experiences, including opportunities to participate in field trips and community-based service projects. The FMU art education major is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.


The music industry program provides training for students seeking an alternative to traditional performance and/or education paths in music.
After taking foundation courses in applied music (vocal or instrumental), music theory, history, business and technology, students tailor their courses for their goals by concentrating in one of three specialty areas: Performance Track, Business Track (marketing, promotion, venue management, etc.) or Technology Track (recording, production, sound reinforcement, etc.).


The theatre arts program provides students with sound training in all areas of theatre, which can serve as an end in itself, as undergraduate preparation for graduate study, or as a program leading directly to a career in theatre. University Theatre productions provide a laboratory for students to hone their performance and stagecraft skills. The FMU theatre major is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.


Our Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. We focus on developing the artistic abilities of students within the liberal arts tradition. Students majoring in Visual Arts select an area of specialization among the studio arts of ceramics, painting, photography or graphic design. We prepare our students for graduate school or independent work in the arts through their coursework in the studio areas, supplemented by art history and related fields of study.


A fine arts education can be multifaceted, broad and diverse. As a fine arts graduate, you are highly employable because your unique skills are applicable to careers in and out of the fine arts.

FMU students and professors sculpting in class


The Department also coordinates the University Concert Choir, Show Chorus, The University Theatre, the University Concert Band, the Music Industry Ensemble, the University String Ensemble, and the Fine Arts Chamber Recital Series. In addition, it stages the music, dance and theatre performances brought in by the University Artist Series and maintains the Art Gallery Series featuring a varied rotating program of two- and three-dimensional art exhibits in Hyman Fine Arts Center galleries. All of these events are open to the general public, and most are free of charge.

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Fine Arts Main Office:
Peter D. Hyman Fine Arts Center, Room 101

Departmental Contact:
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