Department of Fine Arts Directory

Photo of Lawrence Anderson

Lawrence P. Anderson

Professor of Visual Arts

Office: HFAC 104
Phone: 843-661-1530

Photo of Keith Best

D. Keith Best

Chair, Department of Fine Arts, Professor of Theatre Arts

Office: HFAC 102
Phone: 843-661-1549

Laura Candler-White

Temp Part time Accompanist

Fine Arts

Photo of EunJung Chang

Dr. EunJung Chang

Professor of Art Education

Office: HFAC 206
Phone: 843-661-1533

Photo of Mary Frances Coleman

Dr. Mary Frances Coleman

Assistant Professor of Music Industry
Director of Voice and Choral Activities

Office: RS 112
Phone: 843-661-1537

Whitney Rhoad Davis photo

Whitney Rhoad Davis

Part-Time Instructor of Music

Office: PAC A211
Phone: 843-661-1595

Photo of Greg Frye

Prof. Gregory G. Fry

Professor of Visual Arts - Graphic Design
Peter D. Hyman Professor of Fine Arts

Office: HFAC 103
Phone: 843-661-1684

Photo of Howard Frye

Dr. Howard J. Frye

Associate Professor of Art Education
Coordinator of Art Education Program

Office: HFAC 212
Phone: 843-661-1680

J. Cliff Gardner

Part-Time Instructor of Instrumental Music

Office: PAC A211
Phone: 843-661-1595

Photo of Steven Gately

Prof. Steven F. Gately

Coordinator of Visual Arts Programs
Associate Professor of Visual Arts
C.B. and Marlene Askins Professor of Art

Office: HFAC 215
Phone: 843-661-1534

Photo of Brandon Goff

Dr. Brandon D. Goff

Associate Professor of Music Technology

Office: PAC A209
Phone: 843-661-1540

Photo of A. Glen Gourley

A. Glen Gourley, Jr.

Director of University Theatre
Professor of Theatre Arts - Directing
Chair of Faculty

Office: HFAC 222
Phone: 843-661-1538

Photo of Doug Gray

Prof. Doug Gray

Professor of Visual Arts - Ceramics/Sculpture

Office: HFAC 205
Phone: 843-661-1535

Photo of Gualdi

Dr. Paolo A. Gualdi

Associate Professor of Music

Office: RS 108
Phone: 843-661-1801

Photo of Sam Howell

Dr. Samuel H. Howell

Assistant Professor of Art History

Office: HFAC 209
Phone: 843-661-1543

Rex L Hunter portrait

Rex L. Hunter

Part-time Instructor of Music

Office: HFAC 101
Phone: 843-661-1385

Photo of Charles Jeffcoat

Charles E. Jeffcoat

Professor of Art - Graphic Design

Office: HFAC 109
Phone: 843-661-1679

Uschi Jeffcoat

Fine Arts Center Adele Kassab Art Gallery Curator

Office: FA101
Phone: 843-661-1385

Aaron Khron

Aaron Krohn

Assistant Professor of Theatre

Office: HFAC 224
Phone: 843-661-1536

Dawn Larsen

Dr. Dawn Larsen

Professor of Theatre Arts - History

Office: HFAC 108
Phone: 843-661-1545

Photo of Julie Mixon

Julie S. Mixon

Associate Professor of Art - Photography

Office: HFAC 208
Phone: 843-661-1541

Photo of professor Reeves holding musical instrument

Shane Reeves

Part-Time Instructor of Music

Office: PAC A211
Phone: 843-661-1595

Photo of Terry Roberts

Dr. Terry Roberts

Coordinator of Music Program
Director of Instrumental Activities
Professor of Music

Office: PAC A210
Phone: 843-661-1681

Joe Sallenger

Joseph W. Sallenger

Fine Arts Center Manager

Office: HFAC 101
Phone: 843-661-1385
Fax: 843:661-1529


Allison M. Steadman

Associate Provost
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts - Costume Design
First-Year Initiative Coordinator

Office: HFAC 225
Phone: 843-661-1685