Francis Marion University Theatre – 2020-2021 Productions

The Fine Arts Department’s co-curricular production company, The University Theatre, offers three major productions each year and as many as 12 student directed experimental theatre productions. Each year more than 150 students from across the campus participate in The University Theatre’s productions. The productions act as the laboratory for the theatre majors and minors while serving the entire campus and community. Student actors and technicians learn to sustain high standards of performance through exposure to a large and demanding audience.
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Fall Production


FMU University Theatre
Online Production
Uploaded Tuesday,
November 17, 2020

Windows – Francis Marion University Theatre Online Production

A collection of original student monologues written for virtual presentation that explore the multi faceted inner landscape of life during a pandemic. Join the students as they share their experiences, drawing us closer together with their words even as we are in necessary separation.

Cast: Melissa Gragg, Alex Simmons, Chris Steele and Marina Mack.

Direction: Jess Willis
Artistic Consultant: Glen Gourley
Scenic Design: Jess Willis and Aaron Krohn
Lighting and Video Design: Aaron Krohn

Winter Production

Dr. L. Dawn Larsen’s Granny’s Fixit: An Ozark Guide to Healing the Body and Soul

directed by Keith Best

Online Production

The Francis Marion University Theatre’s winter production will be Dr. L. Dawn Larsen’s original play, Granny’s Fixit: An Ozark Guide to Healing the Body and Soul.


Grannywomen were healers, seers, midwives found in rural mountain regions in the US. They were there to minister to their communities when doctors…and hope weren’t.

Come get a cure for what ails you in this workshop performance. Let her fix you through historic and original song, word, and image.

Spring Production

The Stages of FMU (a covid-friendly production)

Directed by A. Glen Gourley and Aaron Krohn

Times/Places/URLs To Be Announced

The Francis Marion University Theatre will close its 2020-2021 season with something completely different due to Covid-19 Pandemic, The Stages of FMU.

In order to give students another performance opportunity this semester, a series of short, student-selected works will be filmed in various campus performance venues, including the mainstage and black box of the Performing Arts Center, the University Theatre and Kassab Recital Hall of the Hyman Fine Arts Center, and quite likely other campus auditoriums.

By March 12, interested students should submit to Mr Gourley short (10-15 minute) original or public domain works — preferably plays, but monologues are acceptable.  University Theatre’s stock costumes and set pieces will be available, and masks will be worn during rehearsals but not performances (interacting characters will need to be within the same “covid bubble”).

Non-theatre majors are welcome to participate — if you have an interest in theatre, you belong!

The finished films will be “you-tubed” for the FMU Theatre Facebook pages and for distribution.

Past Productions

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