June 18, 2020

FMU joins in national observance of Juneteenth

FMU joins in national observance of Juneteenth

Francis Marion University joins other colleges and universities throughout the nation in celebrating Juneteenth on Friday, June 19.

Juneteenth marks the official end of slavery in the United States. On June 19, 1865, a federal order was read in Galveston, Texas, freeing slaves in that state. Although the Emancipation Proclamation had formally freed slaves two-and-a-half years earlier, enforcement had been non-existent in the areas of the country still controlled by Confederate forces. Texas, the westernmost state, was the last state to receive enough federal troops to enforce the original proclamation, and the last state where the special order was declared in place.

Juneteeth is oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Juneteenth is not a national holiday, but its observance has gained considerable momentum in recent years. Today it celebrates African American freedom and achievement, while encouraging continuous self-development and respect for all cultures.

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