Coordinator: Dr. David R. White



Criminal Justice Track – A major in political science with a Criminal Justice focus requires the following six courses (i.e. 19 hours):


POLI 101: U.S. Government

POLI 103: Introduction to Political Science

POLI 230: Introduction to Criminal Justice

POLI 277: Sophomore Seminar: Careers in Political Science

POLI 285: Methods of Political Science

POLI 295: Political Theory

SOCI 341: Criminology


Three of the following four political science courses (i.e. 9 hours):

POL 322: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

POL 323: Rights of the Accused

POL 330: Perspectives on Policing

POL 331: Administration of Justice


One of the following five sociology courses (i.e. 3 hours):

SOCI 342: Social Deviance

SOCI 343: Juvenile Delinquency

SOCI 344: Violence in Society

SOCI 346: Crime and Organizations

SOCI 347: Alcohol, Drugs, and Society

NOTE: SOC 201 (Principles of Sociology) is a prerequisite for all sociology courses offered in this optional track.


Two additional political science courses of your choosing (i.e. 6 hours).


The minimum number of semester hours required in political science for the criminal justice track courses is 30 political science and 6 sociology. One 18-hour minor or two 12-hour collaterals in other academic disciplines is also required. The minimum number of semester hours in all courses (major and non-major) required to graduate from Francis Marion University is 120.



A minor in political science requires 18 semester hours, including POL 101 and 103.


A collateral in political science requires 12 semester hours, including POL 101 or 103.

Other Information

Students wishing to enroll in political science 477, 487, or 497 should confer with the department chair.