January 22, 2020

Summer Job Opportunities

Summer Job Opportunities

Subject: Summer Ministry at Garden City Chapel & Retreat

We are an interdenominational retreat center located just south of Myrtle Beach, SC.  We host church groups and children’s homes from across 22 states and we have over 10,000 campers every year.

We hire college students every summer to help us run the camp. Some of the jobs include yard work, building maintenance, housekeeping, snack bar duty, pool duty, and security just to name a few.  Our summer staff works behind the scenes to make sure that everything is right for our guest on campus.

There is no doubt that our campus is a mission field as we see firsthand God working and lives being changed.  There are many opportunities for our summer staff to not only participate in ministry but to grow spiritually themselves.

We are looking for fully devoted servants of Jesus Christ who have integrity and good moral character.  We want those who are not looking for a summer job but those who are called to a summer of ministry and mission.

We are asking you to help us find those kind of students on your campus.  Do you have a “Summer Job Fair” or a special “Summer Mission/Ministry Opportunity” event that we could attend to set up a display table and have a presence on your campus?  Or, is there a central bulletin board that we could put up a poster?  Or, is there somewhere that we might place brochures? We are open to any of those opportunities that would help connect our retreat center with your students.

Rickey D Bass, Camp Director
Garden City Chapel and Retreat
316 Dogwood Dr N
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
(843)651-2223 ext 23