Dr. Scott S. Brown

Photo of Scott Brown

Dr. Scott S. Brown

Professor of Geography

Office: FH 132
Phone: 843-661-1611


Ph.D.  Louisiana State University

M.S.  Universidad de Costa Rica

B.A.  University of Texas at Austin


Dr. Brown has taught a wide range of geography courses, including world regional geography, cultural geography, political geography, and regional geography courses covering Latin America, Europe, and Africa. His area of research specialization is Latin America. Dr. Brown’s research specifically focuses on folk housing and its context within both the cultural landscape and the natural environment of Mexico and Central America. Dr. Brown takes pride in helping students become geographically literate and appreciative of world cultures, and has taught several student field courses in Latin America. His greatest pastime is visiting Costa Rica, which is his wife’s home country, and traveling the world in order to bring his experiences in the field back to the classroom. He avidly enjoys cycling, which he often uses as his means of transportation to and from campus.