Dr. Elena Eskridge- Kosmach

Photo of Elina Eskridge

Dr. Elena Eskridge- Kosmach

Professor of History

Office: FH 209
Phone: 843-661-1556


Originally from the former Soviet Union, Dr. Eskridge-Kosmach has taught in Belarus, Canada, and the United States. She has written numerous articles in the field of Eastern European history and U.S.-Eastern European relations, co-authored Tragedy of the Idols of Russian Revolution: Political Portraits of L. Trotsky (Belarussian State University Press, 1994). She is also the  author of Foreign Policy of the USA toward Yugoslavia: Problems and Approaches(Belarussian State University of Education Press, 2003) and Russian Press and the Policy of Russia Towards China in 1881-1904 (Palmetto Publishing Group, 2019).


PhD, Belarusian State University, 1985

Courses Taught: 

European History since the French Revolution

Russia and Eastern Europe

Europe, 1814-1914

History of Modern Germany

Europe in the Era of the World Wars, 1914-1945

Europe and the World since 1945

Twentieth Century Communist Societies

The Holocaust