Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Psychology

The Department offers a liberal arts baccalaureate degree in psychology with a major, minor, or collateral. The curriculum is designed to prepare the student for tasks needed in the workplace and/or entry into graduate programs. Psychology majors take courses in introductory psychology as well as courses in career planning, research design and statistics, brain and behavior, social psychology and selected courses from experimental, developmental and individual difference core areas. The major requires 27 hours in basic curriculum, six hours of integrative course work, and six hours of electives for a total of 39 hours. Majors complete a capstone requirement consisting of a community internship, project, or research.  For more information regarding the requirements of the undergraduate major in psychology, please see the FMU Catalog.

The Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate psychology major, as well as a minor and collateral. The purpose of the undergraduate major is to:
1.  provide students with an understanding of psychology as the science of behavior and the mind including the major theories and issues within psychology;
2.  emphasize the role of the liberal arts in higher education and personal development;
3.  promote an appreciation for the individual and cultural diversity; to develop critical thinking skills;
4.  develop competence with methods of scientific research and data analysis;
5.  assure that students have the necessary research experiences and coursework to undertake graduate education;
6.  assist students in developing their skills in library research, scientific writing, public presentations, and computer applications.

Psychology students will become aware of the various career options related to the major. The department also provides opportunities for internships in applied settings. A major in psychology will provide students a broad-based education that will equip them for work in human service organizations.  The major also prepares students who wish to pursue further education in areas such as law, medicine, business, or seminary, as well as graduate study in psychology.