The Undergraduate Psychology curriculum is designed to prepare the student for tasks needed in the workplace and/or entry into graduate programs. Psychology majors take courses in introductory psychology as well as courses in career planning, research design and statistics, brain and behavior, social psychology and selected courses from experimental, developmental and individual difference core areas.

The Graduate Psychology curriculum offers a Master of Science in Applied Psychology and a Specialist Degree in School Psychology allowing students to become licensed professional counselors (LPCs) or Nationally Certified School Psychologists.



The Department of Psychology, then called the Department of Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy, was one of the original academic departments at the founding of Francis Marion College in 1970. There were no plans to offer graduate education at FMU until community mental health practitioners expressed interest in advanced training; as a result, the Departments of Psychology and Sociology began in 1976 to offer a sequence of five applied courses termed the “Paraprofessional Option.” These programs have grown a great deal since 1976; however, small class sizes, close mentorship, and hands-on training remain a priority. Currently, the Department offers a rigorous undergraduate major in Psychology, graduate degrees in Applied Psychology (Clinical/Counseling), School Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as a Doctoral degree in Psychology.


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