Psychology Undergraduate Studies

Degrees in Psychology

The Department offers a liberal arts baccalaureate degree in psychology with a major, minor, or collateral. The curriculum is designed to prepare the student for tasks needed in the workplace and/or entry into graduate programs. Psychology majors take courses in introductory psychology as well as courses in career planning, research design and statistics, brain and behavior, social psychology and selected courses from experimental, developmental and individual difference core areas.The Department of Psychology offers an undergraduate psychology major, as well as a minor and collateral. The purpose of the undergraduate major is to:

  1. Provide students with an understanding of psychology as the science of behavior and the mind including the major theories and issues within psychology.
  2. Emphasize the role of the liberal arts in higher education and personal development.
  3. Promote an appreciation for the individual and cultural diversity.
  4. Develop critical thinking skills.
  5. Develop competence with methods of scientific research and data analysis.
  6. Assure that students have the necessary research experiences and coursework to undertake graduate education.
  7. Assist students in developing their skills in library research, scientific writing, public presentations, and computer applications.

B.S. or B.A. in Psychology (38 hours)

  • Completion of Psychology 206, 216, 220, 302, 303, 304, 336, 499
  • At least one course from the Psychology of Individuals and Groups Core courses of Psychology 319, 325, 326
  • At least one course from the Developmental Core courses of Psychology 315, 316, 334
  • One course from the Integrative Experiences courses of Psychology 470 and 498
  • Nine hours of psychology electives, with a minimum of eight hours at the 300-level or higher
  • Biology 105/115 or 104
  • Minor/collateral requirements (two options)
  • Two 12-hour collaterals approved by the faculty adviser
  • An 18-hour minor approved by the faculty adviser

A psychology major may only count Psychology 206 and 216 towards the General Education Requirements (Sciences). When fulfilling the General Education Requirements for Mathematics, it is recommended that psychology majors take Mathematics 134. Also, psychology majors should attempt to gain a strong background in the science areas, as that coursework will benefit them in their major studies.

The minimum number of semester hours required in psychology courses for a major in psychology is 38 (plus an additional four hours in Biology). The minimum number of semester hours in all courses (major and nonmajor) required for the major in psychology is 120.


Minor in Psychology

A minor in psychology requires 18 semester hours, including Psychology 206.

Collateral in Psychology

A collateral in psychology requires 12 semester hours, including Psychology 206.

Course Descriptions

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