Clinical/Counseling Psychology

Program Overview

Clinical/Counseling Psychology is an option in the Master of Science in Applied Psychology program. The option is designed to provide training in clinical/counseling psychology leading to employment in human service agencies, hospitals, or similar settings. Consistent with this purpose, the program involves training in assessment and diagnosis, therapy, community intervention, and research.
Most courses and practicum experiences will occur during the day, in person, although a select few courses will be offered in the evenings. Courses offer a blend of  classroom activities and experiential training designed to acquaint students with both theory and practical applications of psychological knowledge.
The typical course of study is a minimum of 60 credit hours, spanning 2-1/2 years. Students may take additional courses as needed for additional training or for licensure in other states. Graduates are eligible to apply for LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) licensure in South Carolina, with the ability to “assess and treat serious problems,” as defined in standard diagnostic nomenclature.

For more information about LPC licensure, students should access the website of the Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional Counselors.


  • Experiential training in the program begins with two practicum experiences: Students are placed at a community training site for their first year, then they are placed at a different site for their second year. Students accrue a total of at least 200 hours at their placement sites. In addition, their assessment courses include a total of at least 150 hours of practicum experience.
  • The capstone experiential training experience is an internship that occurs after all coursework is completed; during internship, students accrue a minimum of 600 hours of supervised clinical training.


  • Download the program models and course descriptions for fall and spring entering classes here.
  • For more detailed information about required coursework, course offerings, program sequencing, practica, and internship, applicants are encouraged to view the appropriate section of the FMU Catalog.

Current Students

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  • They are located in the Perpetual Course entitled “Clinical/Counseling Psychology Graduate Program”.
  • If you are currently enrolled in the Clinical/Counseling Psychology Graduate Program and do not have access to this course, please contact Brian Smith at 843-661-1640 or Charlotte Stephens at 843-661-1641.