Campus Applications and Data Services

CADS analyzes and develops application solutions, both conventional and emerging technologies, for the management and support of the University administrative and academic functions with a stated disaster recovery process for the mid-range computer and other operational data support systems.

Our Objectives

  • Provide systems analyses and designs to solve business process and accreditation issues.

  • Provide programming services to convert system designs into automated processes for running on high performance computer platforms.

  • Ensure robust performance from mission critical applications.

  • Ensure that the legacy system performs at an acceptable level.

  • Recommend emerging technologies that enable the University to take advantage.

Non-Production Refresh Schedule

Refresh Test immediately prior to loading updates from Ellucian

  • April 1

  • July 1

  • October 1

  • January 1

Refresh ProdSim after major milestones:

  • After Fall Drop/Add

  • After Spring Pre-Registration

  • After Spring Drop/Add

  • After Fall Pre-Registration

  • At the end of the fiscal year (for financial end-of-year processing)

  • At the end of the calendar year (for HR end-of-year processing)

The CADS Team supports all Ellucian products as well as several other applications that
interface with Ellucian’s Colleague.