Reaching the Help Desk

To reach the Help Desk, call 843-661-1111 or visit Room 108 in the Stanton Academic Computer Center.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

FMU Email

FMU Gmail

Campus Technology provides a self-service utility for resetting FMU computer users’ passwords. This utility requires you to enroll so that you can retrieve, reset, or change your password based on a series of pre-answered questions allowing you to manage your network password 24/7 without the intervention of our Help Desk.

Click here to visit the password manager and change your email password.

Campus Technology Portal (

Click here to access instructions for using the VPN Portal.


Blackboard uses the same username and password as your other accounts.

Library Resources

Library Resources

Username: the username used in Password Manager

Password: the password created in Password Manager

Patriot Portal

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Who do I call for Blackboard support?

You may call the Campus Technology Help Desk at 843-661-1111 or email for support. The Help Desk hours are Monday Thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

What credentials do I use to log in to Blackboard?

Blackboard uses the same username as your other accounts.  The password for Blackboard is specific to only Blackboard.  To establish or change the Blackboard password, follow the instructions above under “Trouble Connecting to Blackboard.”

My students cannot see me course. Why?

A course is not visible to students either because:

  1. They are not properly registered for the course.  This is either due to a problem in Registration or with not meeting financial obligations.  Both must be complete before a course enrollment is passed to Blackboard
  2. The course is not set to Available. To make the course available, see: Course Availability

How do I copy content from a previous course into a new one?

See Course Copy

How do I get my course on Blackboard?

All Blackboard courses are automatically generated as sections are created and released by Registration.  The Colleague system passes both the course sections and the course enrollments to Blackboard.  If a new section is created, or if course enrollments are changed (e.g. drop/add), the changes are typically reflected in Blackboard with an hour.

*Instructors should never manually create a course or manually add, delete or change student enrollments.

Click here to visit the CADS page.

Click here to access the CADS programming request form.

ResNet consists of the wired and wireless networks available to all FMU students living on-campus. ResNet makes it possible for residential students to connect their personal computers directly to the network. A data jack is provided for each student in their dorm or apartment within all residence halls of Francis Marion University. Students must provide an ethernet cable to connect to the wired network. Wireless access is available in all student housing.

Click here to visit the ResNet page.

Click here to visit the Campus Technology Policies on the Policies page.