ResNet consists of the wired and wireless networks available to all FMU students living on-campus. ResNet makes it possible for residential students to connect their personal computers directly to the network. A data jack is provided for each student in their dorm or apartment within all residence halls of Francis Marion University. Students must provide an ethernet cable to connect to the wired network. Wireless access is available in all student housing. 

How to Connect to the Wireless Network

You must meet all the requirements for access.

You must be aware and accepting of all University and Network Policies. These can be reviewed below.

To connect to ResNet, your computer must have:

  • An operational Ethernet Port (integrated or an installed Ethernet adapter)
  • An updated operating system installed which supports TCP/IP and DHCP services. Operating system developers (Microsoft, Macintosh) provide free, critical updates/software patches to improve the functionality and address security concerns associated with their products. These updates are critical, as they protect individual computers and their related networks from the various viruses, worms, and security issues that are currently associated with use of the World Wide Web. They are free of charge and require users to access their web pages and install the relevant updates. These updates must be obtained on a regular basis and, if possible, should be acquired prior to arriving on campus.
  • Up-to-date antivirus software installed to protect your computer and our network from internet worms and viruses. AVG is a free anti-virus software, which may be downloaded and installed from the URL; Students who wish to purchase their antivirus product must keep the virus signature file subscription and the files themselves up-to-date. Antivirus developers release these signature files on a weekly basis, allowing their software to recognize and take appropriate action against all newly discovered and previously known viruses and worms. You must download these files on a regular basis to obtain and retain access while on campus. After your initial purchase of a product, you generally have a valid subscription for a year after which you will need to purchase another subscription to keep your computer safe from attack.
  • A Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet Cable for you to connect your computer to the data jack in your room
  • A computer with technical specifications that meet a minimum set of system requirements.

FMU Suggested Requirements:
  • Hard Drive: 250GB or higher
  • Memory: 8GB or higher. (with Vista, 2G minimum)
  • Processors: Laptop – Centrino or Core 2 Duo or as close to 2GHz as you can afford. (You may also want to insure it has wireless capabilities.) Desktop – Pentium i5 or higher or as close to 3GHz as you can afford.


Self Help

These free products are available to you.

Anti-Virus Software

Free AVG

Note: All existing antivirus applications must be removed before adding an antivirus application.

Spyware Removal Tool



Help Desk

The Campus Technology Help Desk provides an initial point of contact for users with computer problems in the Francis Marion community whether student, faculty, or staff. The Help Desk is staffed by student analysts who have a wide range of knowledge about software packages and computers in general. The Help Desk is designed to handle quick questions and common problems. More time-consuming or complicated questions will be forwarded by the student analyst to the appropriate Campus Technology staff member.

The goal of the Help Desk is to provide quicker problem resolution to the Francis Marion community. Someone will respond to a users’ request by the next business day. This response can be by phone, email, or in person. The response will either be a preliminary diagnosis or a request for more information.

How to reach the Help Desk

Phone: 843-661-1111
In person: in ACC108

Please provide as much information as possible to the student analyst. Information such as your name, email address, phone number, time you can be contacted, description of problem, system/software in use, error message, sample output, etc. can be extremely helpful. Even if the problem must be forwarded to Campus Technology staff, this will aid in a faster resolution of the problem.

ResNet Troubleshooting

Suggestions for Your System

1)  We recommend a program, like AVG, to prevent junk-ware from entering your PC. This program can be downloaded for free using the link under “Self Help.”

2)  Use discretion when installing downloaded programs. Unused or useless programs waste space and resources. Keeping these to a minimum reduces the risk of getting a virus or spy-ware, and greatly affects the computer operating speed.

3)  Retain all CD’s and software for your PC and make frequent back-up files in the event that the system has to be reinstalled.

4)  It is recommended to have all computer equipment connected through a surge protector in the event of a power outage.

5)  A firewall is recommended to prevent intruders from accessing your PC. Windows has an integrated firewall available from the network control panel. To enable the Windows integrated firewall click:

Start menu>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Windows Firewall

6)  It is recommended to perform internet clean-up activities every few weeks. To perform internet clean-up:

Start menu>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Internet Options>>select General tab>>Delete Cookies/Delete Files

**NOTE: This will delete ALL passwords i.e. yahoo, hotmail, etc. and website settings on your PC. You may want to skip this step if you don’t remember your passwords.**

Outside Help

Campus Technology can assist you in establishing an internet connection, Blackboard-related issues, and other Francis Marion University related computer questions. However, for virus removal and other computer issues, we suggest you contact an outside source. Some local businesses that can help are:

Best Buy: 843-661-5199  –  2701 David H McLeod Blvd.

Office Depot: 843-667-6707  –  1916 W. Evans St. #22

Compuforce: 843-669-5212  –  1603 W. Palmetto St.